The Last Guardian, website E3 trailer and new image slideshow

The Last Guardian is the latest title by Fumito Ueda and Team ICO the game director and designers, respectively, behind ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. The website recently opened, making available to the public some cinematic screenshots and wonderful trailers.
There is no official explanation on how the game will play out, but from the looks of the trailer, The Last Guardian seems to have a healthy dose of stealth and ICO-esque combat.

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Gantz3673d ago

:( - This game looks and sounds so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. Now where's ICO & SoC for PS3 cause I don't mind crying for another minute or two.

BulletToothtony3673d ago

i save money by not going out every weekend to go clubbin but man when i look at how much money i've spent on my ps3 it's quite shocking..

jut4203673d ago


I know what you mean man. I haven't gone out in a while (not that I'm dying to, I think my PS3 keeps me happy just staying in these days). But yea, I haven't been out to the bar (except a couple of times on special occasions) since last September because I keep wanting to save money for all these great games. It's so bad I'm glad I wasn't overly impressed with the Aliens vs. Predator demo, because I can wait to buy that game. Dante's Inferno this week, then a week of no games for me, then Heavy Rain, then MLB and Battlefield, then RE5 (didn't get it last year, but like the motion controls), then GOWIII, Crysis 2, Yakuza 3 and it doesn't seem lke it's slowing down ever. I've been looking for a second job just to afford everything.

prettyboy13673d ago

how could anybody say no to her btw shes the sex latina in my avatar huh fellows lol see my point