THQ: High-end doesn't belong on Wii

In a recent interview with Brian Farrell, CEO of billion-dollar video game publisher THQ, he discusses budgeting for upcoming games, specifically with the Wii being considerably different from the high-definition efforts from Sony and Microsoft. Follow the link for the interview.

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Diselage4231d ago

Ouch, well this confirms it. Developers don't take the Wii seriously. I really hope they change their attitude because if someone would just release a AAA title it would sell millions because the Wii has the user base to support it.

ItsDubC4231d ago

I don't think he's saying that they don't take the Wii seriously, he's saying that many titles on the 360 and PS3 require far larger expenditures than Wii games, which is something everyone already knew.

The point he's trying to make I think, is that market segmentation is what will bring success in today's diverse videogame industry.

closedxxx4231d ago

Well, this is like saying the Wii is a gimmick, and the PS3 and Xbox360 are the real deal.
And I have to agree.
The Wii is fun.
People see folks jumping around and swinging their arms while playing Wii sports, and think "I'm not a 'gamer' but I think I can get into that"
Well, that works for games like Wii sports. It's like walking into an arcade with your mother, and her having a go at the Skiing simulator, or the boxing simulator.
People will try the Wii because of its gimmick appeal, but they will not jump at the more traditional games that don't utilize the Wii-mote and nunchuck controller.
I love the Wii, but I expect the High end games to come in the form of a Xbox360 game or a PS3 game.
The Wii doesn't even support HIGH DEFINITION! That says it all to me.

scarlett_rg4231d ago

I must say, VERY poor choice of title for this article, meant to try to stir up controversy and get hits (or so I can only assume).

The title could have just as easily been...

"THQ: Wii looks great at a fraction of the cost of other consoles"

Why the negative spin on the title?... beats me. Ask the tard that wrote it.

texism4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Ahahaha lmfao at desperate fanbois trying to spew hate towards the Wii.
To the tard who wrote this: Maybe find a BETTER story that actually has some DIRT on the wii.