Final Fantasy XIII 70% Review Score PSM3

UK PSM3 Magazine has given Final Fantasy XIII a low 70.

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tdrules4187d ago

this will sound like a knee jerk reaction but I've never been a fan PSM3 (or final fantasy, but still).
OPM UK for me

chrisnick4187d ago

That score does kinda suck for what I expected.Still, I'll get it for being a ff fan.

Hey does anyone know if they're showing that gow3 trailer during the super bowl or not?

Hakimy4187d ago

Just when game informer gave it a good score XD well it'll be interesting to see the reviews from other known sites.I will still buy it though just because I'm eager to play an jrpg,especially a ff game ;)

Noct4187d ago

Gameinformer just gave FFXIII a 9.25/10.

We won't know what the games like until we play it ourselves I guess.
Personally I will enjoy it since I enjoy all numbered FF's.

It does seem like the end of the JRPG is approaching for the West. No way in hell WKC is a 5-6/10 and most JRPG fans who played the game agree. The media thinks different tho :/

It just seems like after playing nothing but FPS games for 3 years straight when these Western sites finally play the Japanese games which have taken so long to release the games are missing competetive multiplayer, space marines and guns.

menoyou4187d ago

And this is exactly the score FFXIII deserves.

Bigpappy4187d ago

Many sites, here on the west, will not give this game much higher scores than WKC. I said is will score 7-8/10 on most major site. Not even Patcher would do better. This game is liner and has many JRPG elements removed. Western reviewers are going to be hard on these flaws.

cayal4187d ago

heck, is this game even a jRPG anymore? Sounds like an adventure/action game.

vhero4187d ago

Unlike the official 360 magazine they wont give out high scores to sell games. However the score is not surprising what you expect for a very linear RPG? FFX was pretty much the same if it wasn't for the ability to travel back with the ship it would have been just as bad no doubt review wise. S-E ruined it buy not adding towns. Lazyness? no they devoted resources to 360 instead of towns. So of course instead of 1 great exclusive RPG we get an average multi-platform. Of course we knew FFXIII was doomed the moment it was announced for 360 at E3. Hopefully sales are low enough for 360 so S-E learn there lesson. But I doubt it.

iamtehpwn4187d ago

It's an Extremely niche game. Some of you are going to love this game more than your girlfriend, others are going to hate it with a passion. This is NOT the final fantasy for everyone. It's leagues better than XII, But if you're hoping for something that matches the greatness of 6, 7, 8, 9 and X, you might be disappointed.

With that said, Next to Demon's Souls, Lost Odyssey, and Valkyria Chornicles, it's one of the best JRPG's this generation thus far.

f7897904187d ago

Stop buying the games if they aren't good! I refuse to ever touch FF12.

cayal4187d ago

I thought FFXII was awesome, I dont get the knock on that game.

Aquanox4187d ago

More down to earth scores from Heavy Rain. 88%. Not bad.

FACTUAL evidence4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

And here's why!

No towns
original jap voice scrapped
black guy (Just Kidding!)
Lost of exclusivity
SE lying about mostly FF13 related (like no DLC lie ect.)

The list goes on folks...5 years in development and you mean to tell me you couldn't make a town? lmao, lame. Anyways, this did deserve the score it's gotten. I'm sorry, but SE, and capcom is on my hate list for this gen. Disagree all you want but it won't change my opinion, and I'm sure there are thousands out there who agrees. The game will sell eventually though, due to it being a FF title. I mean look at FF12, everyone hated how they changed the turned based system, next thing you know there were ff12's everywhere. I will still be upset about ff13 though. (and i will still be getting it.)

SCThor4187d ago

Nice stealth trolling, now go back to your bridge.

theEnemy4187d ago

maybe "something" disrupts the progress..

yourgodisdead4187d ago

The trailer i got from the store is the only thing that made me want this game, never been that in to ff, or psm3. Il see what opm3 say about it.

Saaking4187d ago

This is gonna be the first FF not to be rated highly. What a disappointment, hopefully FFversusXIII will deliver a true FF experience.

Pozzle4187d ago

A "low 70"? 70/100 might not be the best score, but it isn't a bad one either. Still sounds better than some FF games anyway (*cough*Dirge of Cerberus*cough*)

TheDudeAbides4186d ago

at least one magazine is not giving 95s and 93s left and right, cos 95% of those games dont deserve such high note.

Let's go back to giving 70, 80. Do you really think will leave in a the world when most games reach 90? ridicilous

Pika-pie4186d ago

I think people are either going to love or hate this game. Expectations are far too high for it to live up to

Dandiego4186d ago

This game style is over... turn based was cool in the eighties but the Fallouts, Mass Effect etc have revolutionised the genre. Its funny how people who havent played the game know what score this game deserves. The last good final Fantasy is the 7th and downhill from there. Now you play as Ken and Barbie (but more emo) and the story is just bad

wazzim4186d ago

Back in the day, 70 was 'good' but now it's the same as TERRIBLE for some gamers :S

Really you can only blame Square-Enix for not paying the magazines enough!
And we know almost nothing about Versus except that it will have a cool style and KH gameplay so please please stop being a fanboy.

jack_burt0n4186d ago


U nailed it. Its all about linearity.

SL1M DADDY4186d ago

Is not all that bad but I half suspected that the game would be a tad lack-luster with the latest reputation Square-Enix has put forth. They just are the same as they used to be anymore. They have really let their developement slip intot he average to above average games. They used to be high up there but they have fallen a few rungs on the ladder.

densai4186d ago

fair score tbh. grow up babies

bacon134186d ago

While 7 isn't a bad score by any means, FF13 has been getting more mediocre scores that was anticipated. I'm going to buy it regardless but c'mon SE, I hope you didn't drop the ball with this game.

The Happy Baby4186d ago

Millions of Diehard Fans will buy this game, for many, it will be on Day One.

GrandDragon4186d ago


If it never had "Final Fantasy" in the Title then it would have been rated a 10/10

Its a curse of the series success. No matter how good the game is it will never meet up to what people want because they all want different aspects of previous final fantasies rolled into one. The moment they try to be daring the critics shoot them down.

Having said that, I have seen the entire game Walk through of FFXIII and I would easily give it a 9+

Rocket Sauce4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

This is the only Final Fantasy game that's ever been shot down by critics (I don't consider 7/10 getting shot down, though.)

If this game wasn't called Final Fantasy, I don't think so many people would care about it. I mean, there's people here saying they'll buy anything that says FF on day one. I think a lot of critics are like that, too. Give it a while for some more reviews to come in, they'll flip out over the title alone.

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ClownBelt4187d ago

Even if you guys give it a 1/10, I will still get the game + collector edition. Nothing and I mean nothing can persuade me.

Omega44187d ago

Same here, western reviewers just dont seem to like JRPGs. LO got average reviews but was still great and FFXIII will be awesome too.

zootang4187d ago

Yeah sounds about right, look at the review scores White Knight Chronicles got

Unicron4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

I don't understand why you'd think that western reviewers don't like JRPGs? Check out the scores for FFVII, VIII, IX, X, XII, Persona 3, Persona 4...

It's entirely possible that FFXIII simply just isn't all that ya know? Or that it left out enough of the JRPG formula to make it disappointing for some fans.

execution174187d ago

its mostly CGI and no enough game

ClownBelt4187d ago

Look at your examples. All of those are from previous generations. Reviewers nowadays are always looking for something. They use western RPGs as a base to downgrade Jrpgs. Sure the turn based is old(which likely will get negative points from reviewers), but that's most of the fans wants.

Unicron4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Well, look at my examples as well, as most are from the FF franchise. Have JRPGs stagnated? Have they taken a turn for the worse? Are reviewers bored with them in general, or just this guy? I couldn't tell ya.

You really shouldn't care about the scores anyways, it's what is written that is most important. If the game truly is a hallway/linear title without much room for customization as I've been hearing, I'll be disappointed. Just because it has the FF name on it doesn't mean it's infallible, ya know?

Besides, it would be nice if people applied this kind of logic to all titles, no matter the score they get. Some reviewers just aren't going to like some titles, and they will score accordingly. They're just opinions in the end anyways.

Rocket Sauce4187d ago

Yeah, you shouldn't put so much stock into game reviews. FF X-2 and XII got amazing reviews and they sucked hard. Same deal with GTA 4.

I'm finding that my favorite games this generation are generally scored 7-ish or 8-ish out of 10. The 9's and 10's usually let me down in a big way.

Da One4187d ago

To get JRPG's and it so much bias with the companies and money i couldn't tell an honest review from a false one.

Look at White Knight Chronicles great game, people seem to like but the reviewers just decided to **** on it, probably because it's not Final Fantasy.

Hell back on the days of playstation many good JRPG's got ****ed on because they weren't FF.

I never simply can't trust reviews anymore especially western ones especially after the scores GTAIV got(i was so mislead and disappointed, GTA:SA FTW)

Unicron4187d ago

"probably because it's not Final Fantasy."

Conversely, just because it IS Final Fantasy doesn't mean it should get a free pass if there are genuine flaws with it.

vhero4186d ago

I agree about western reviewers they are very biased these days towards JRPGs and more loyal to WRPGs giving WRPGs undeserving higher scores in SOME cases. It's like a sense of loyalty or something it's just sad really.

PirateThom4186d ago

Maybe it's because WRPGs have just been a lot better than JRPGs this gen?

Hell, even the best JRPG this gen (Demon's Souls) plays more like a WPRG.

mastiffchild4182d ago

Decent point Thom. VC was a bit different to a usual jrpg too and that tended to review pretty well. There's always been a slight leaning towards games of whatever region in THAT regions media anyway and FF was one of the few games to consistently buck that trend. Japanese games review better, generally, in Japan and so on-same as with sports or politics the local boy gets a softer ride, no?

That said WRPG have been more solidly on form this gen than their Japanese counterparts and maybe, either way, FF13 will be a watershed.

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Chicken Chaser4187d ago

Last Rebellion - 61% !!

Another Flop incoming!! Take Cover!! It's raining flopss!! M.A.G , White Knight Chronicles , 3D Games Dot Heroes , Star Ocean IV , Last Rebellion !!!! :O LOOK OUT!!

ClownBelt4187d ago

We already forgot the major flops from Last remnant, Infinite Indiscovery, Magna Carta? Lmao.

zenosaga044187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

You realize Heavy Rain was the highest reviewed game of the issue right?

What am I saying, of course you didn't realize that because you're incapable of rationale thought

callahan094187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

MAG kicks ass if you like tactical shooters, White Knight Chronicles is cool if you like RPG's with a bit of MMO style, and 3D Dot Game Heroes is awesome if you still love the 8-bit classics. I'm gad to have 3 games that appeal to me personally even if they aren't getting the best reviews. Flop is the most over-used word by people on this site. Doesn't matter if it sells well, doesn't matter if it gets good reviews, all that matters is if you enjoy the game, and there are PLENTY of PS3 owners who are very happy with these games. Don't know anything about Last Rebellion, and it doesn't matter if it ends up being a game I like or not, because there's more than enough games in the early half of 2010 for the PS3 that I do and will like.

THE MAX SPEED 214187d ago

last rebelion looks like a freaking PS2 game.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_4187d ago

POOR Micro$oft spent a LOT of money getting this on the xBox 360 to and looks like it's not that good in the end. Oh well...'FF 13 Versus' is all i'm interested about... ;-P

Bodyboarder_VGamer4187d ago

No, I think it looks worse than that...

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GSpartan7774187d ago

If we can see the review.

maskedwarrior4187d ago

Yea, someone needs to add the scan.

Biders4187d ago

soz about no review its not on the cvg site but i got the magazine early on sat its out on thursday.