Mygamer: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Preview

Mygamer writes: "Despite there being a lot of very popular multiplayer games across the various consoles, I always felt that multiplayer is best on the PC. When people ask me what game I think is better than their personal favorite console shooter, I easily have one pick: Battlefield 2. For nearly half a decade, the battlefield series has been getting its attention given to the consoles with 1943 and the first Bad Company. Now, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is set not only to release for both the 360 and PS3, but also the PC. Judging from the current multiplayer beta impressions, it's been a long time coming as well."

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happy_gilmore3663d ago

running feels like ice-skating. seriously. can't see why people are hyped about this POS.

Rob Hornecker3663d ago

This has been on my most wanted list since I heard that it was in development. Like the author, I'm a huge fan of the PC battlefield 2 and bought a new computer just to play it online. My only gripe with the PC verision of the game is not being able to use a joypad to fully enjoy it.

After spending countless hours on the xb360/PS3 demo/beta I must say that I haven't been disappointed and looks like it will be the modern military sim to beat sofar this year! This is the type of game MAG for the ps3 should have been! Talk about being disappointed.What a waste MAG is!

I love the game play so much that I plan on buying it for both the PS3 and the XB360.They both look and play that good!