Console Wars: Round 8 - Media Playback

Round 8 of the console wars is here, and this time LP is putting media playback to the test. Both are strong competitors taking very different approaches to media, but like any good battle, only one will come out on top. Which corner are you in?

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Hanif-8763669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

PS3 takes this round but up next is the best looking multiplatform games and we all know who is gonna take that one :-( They should of said the overall best looking games on both consoles. Also i won't leave anyone in the dark, i have tell tell everyone that most developers are making the PS3 their lead console because its just so much easier than the other way we'll see the PS3 dominating the overall best looking games like it should of been from the beginning.

pimpmaster3669d ago

hey, at 10:13 what is that? some pirate video when u watch torrents? i have tons of torrent downloaded videos on my ps3 and thats never happened to me. i seriously wana know what i have to do to get that

lordkemp0073669d ago

God damn it. Time and time we see these comparisons where once again PS3's trump card is not even bl00dy well mentioned.


I am off to download a free copy of Sherlock Holmes, Invictus and Avatar to keep on my PS3's hard drive. You cant do that on a 360. (Then again i might just snaffle enough porn to make me go blind.)