PEOWW: Mass Effect 2 (360) Review

PEOWW writes: "It's finally here. One of my favourite games this generation has got its sequel, part two of a planned trilogy. Mass Effect 2 follows on from the critically acclaimed Mass Effect, developed by Bioware and released back in 2007. With the promise of seeing the repercussions of all your decisions from the first game, will ME2 deliver?

For those who haven't heard or missed out on the original, Mass Effect 2 is a Western RPG, with stats, conversation trees and moral choices. For those who did play the original though, you may be in for a little bit of a shock. I know during my first couple of hours of play I was a little taken aback at how different ME2 is. Not massively different on paper, but to play you'll be surprised at how different it feels."

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