Shiren the Wanderer Brings Innovation To A Genre

Gaming Union writes: "In today's world, almost everyone has a passing knowledge of the various genres of video games, except for one in particular: roguelikes. This genre is known for many things, but accessibility is not one of them. So when Atlus announced Shiren the Wanderer for the Wii at E3 2009, many simply passed by the news and looked on to the myriad of other games present at the convention. Those people, however, should give the game a second look, as Shiren the Wanderer builds on the genre and advances it to a level where even players not accustomed to the genre can enjoy it."

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mephman3666d ago

It's a pretty niche genre, but one that can actually be quite fun.

Kyll3666d ago

I still find that an odd name xD

mephman3666d ago

Well, it's been around for a while. :p

Selyah3666d ago

Certainly sounds intriguing

Sanrin3666d ago

It's a shame I dont own a Wii, was kind of looking forward to give this one a spin!

mephman3666d ago

Yea, it's definitely not the type of game that's mainstream.

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