PS3: Sony reveals plans to win Christmas battle

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has hit back at criticism that its PlayStation 3 (PS3) console is suffering from sliding sales and revealed it is harbouring treats for gamers up its corporate sleeve to conqure the all-important Christmas market.

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DirtyRat4136d ago

no word of a price drop then...

closedxxx4136d ago

With more and more killer Xbox360 and Wii deals be found on the web and at retailers, the PS3 remains extremely expensive compared to its competition.
Games will help, but with the majority of them also coming to the XBOX360, and looking and playing just as well on the Xbox360, people are not feeling compelled to drop an extra $100-$200 on a PS3.
SONY will need a lower priced PS3, and a few exclusive killer apps to really see a healthy increase in console sales.
Right now, with GTA and a few other previous SONY exclusives hitting the Xbox360 (not to mention Xbox360s exclusive episodic content) the XBOX360 is in perfect position to pickup some consumers that were loyal to the old SONY exclusives, but are looking to save some money

reaperxciv4136d ago

to see is to believe, (no price drop) + (no AAA games)= kaput...

San anto4136d ago

i dont need to see to believe that you = [email protected]!

Zidandy4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Well put. I couldn't have said it better myself. @ Reaper man. I covered my childs eyes as he read through the comments so he could not see your ugly face, as it would traumatize him possibly for life. :(

reaperxciv4135d ago

@Zizandy - 2 B4DD u don't think that a price drop and AAA game titles will benefit all of us, you R just a Sony Fanboy, you're still lucky i'm not beside you coz if i was, i'd murder the crap out of you

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kingofps34136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

"Titles due to hit the shelves in the Christmas run-up include the latest installment of favourites such as Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clank, Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter", Jonathan Fargher added.

This mean MGS4 will definitely hit this holiday season. No delay then? Thats good.

Also, the ones those who truly benefit from the console and format wars are the mighty retailers.

@DARK KNIGHT, super bill, SF49er408
You guys are hilarious.

predator4136d ago

errr gta and crash are on the 360 to mate and mgs4 is delayed till 2008

Kaneda4136d ago

"errr gta and crash are on the 360 to mate and mgs4 is delayed till 2008"

Konami said they are still aiming to release mgs 4 2007...but FF is delayed til Mar 2008...

gaffyh4135d ago

@predator - the article confirms MGS for Christmas release on PS3.

BubblesDAVERAGE4136d ago

if they sell 4-7 million world wide without a price drop..then they are in good waters...which is very possible with games like uncharted, GTA,Haze ,and a little lair, heavenly sword, and the list goes on


Because under your logic and Sony's, the PS3 is supposed to stagnate for a couple of years during it's premature release to slowly build a Fan base to eventually catch up to it's self by 2010.

In the mean time you get a handful of games and a new movie format to play with for your early adoption, investment, Beta test.

So, while all the AAA title go to The 360, secretly 1st party and certain 3rd are working round the clock to create games that require 25 gigs of compressed space. Wow, now that would be a huge game.

A current XBOX 360 game uncompressed could fill a 25 gig disc. So when They manage to fit that much information into a game, won't that seriously effect the load times on a 1x Blu-ray drive?

So, Sony released their PS3 in 2006 in order to be the most popular gaming console by 2010?

Guess they are in it for the long run, In 2010 I'll probably be planning to buy the upcoming XBOX 3HD supporting 1.5 Tera of space boasting a 2.4T-HOLO-chip, world wireless internet, streaming game play to any screen, surface technology, and Digital distribution of the hottest games + much, much more.

I prefer my console to be on a 5 to 6 year updated rotation with backwards compatibility of course.

Relevant and active today and of course out dated after 5 or 6 years of surpassed technology.

Today is not the time to invest in tomorrow's tech, as technology grows exponentially. Ask the leading companies in the Industry, look how often a new IPOD comes out or the newest Laptop. Hell DVD only lasted 10 years before HD started telling it to move over and make shelf space.

artman4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

everyone is a beta tester, but microsoft put us on alpha tester u c...
just imagine the worst, when ps3 failed... we will have bluray player / multimedia center (which in long run ps3 will have more software and will have price drop, and most of people who has ps2 will move to ps3 after the price drop (not sure when)

when 360 failed, well it will do nothing... it just become a piece of junk. except when you missed you GeOW or any other fav games. And it will be still enjoyable if that time ur 360 is still running well and red ring free. And guess what, my xbox (one) just got red light yesterday... and it's useless... I've been using it to watch divx movies, since... 3 years ago. My 360 already got red ring since a month I bought. so I would like to let you know that I am an alpha tester of microsoft.

so what do you think about the concept of investment? it should be on the long run... not just 4-5 years period, if you think it's the console games should be, then you better move to pc games... but remember, that PC is always use the same OS and basic hardware. When console start doing something like that... imagine how bad condition for the game developers. I believe you are smart enough to understand this concept.

if microsoft win this game, then you'll understand what kind of console we have in the future. just another pc for games... where you are wondering to upgrades every 2 month.... oh i need new graphic card, oh need more rams, oohhh.. I need new processor... oh I need new PC... oh craps... I just buy PS3

get real IRISH, open your mind and heart, you will find the truth, see the true evil~

oh btw,
my friend just bought NVIDIA 8800, and he was satisfied for all the games he had can be played in maximum setting, but after he saw crysis video, he thought ... "oh I'm not sure if my system can run that game smoothly... I think I need to change to ultimate version..." where he bought that graphic card is the same price as ps3... now anybody tell me that ps3 is expensive?
for me ps3 is very cheap, I spend mostly $1000 for mobile phones... consider the tech and usability... ps3 is much more cheaper than those stupid mobilephone, that you change every 4 month

super bill4136d ago haven,t got a get used to it.