"Gold Farmers" – Not the Enemy

Many gamers out there are quite familiar with MMO games such as World of Warcraft, Phantasy Star Online, Ultima, Guild Wars, Second Life, Final Fantasy, the list goes on, but some may not be aware of the subculture that exists as a result of these games.

There are many players who play the game straight up and are content with leveling and questing, perhaps joining some buddies every once in a while and making a new one at other times. Then there are the hardcore gamers that play with no other purpose than being the best and having the most elite gear or the largest bankroll. Then there are the players that want to be "elite", but want it the easy way and purchase their items from farmers or online services.

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JsonHenry4137d ago

The creators of MMOs should let members buy gold directly from them - cutting out the middle man and the profits go straight to the company instead of some kid in China.

But that would make too much sense I suppose.

Diselage4137d ago

That would make way more sense than forcing people to go 3rd party for the gold, it would be so easy to squeeze out the middle man because the company can always make it cheaper to buy gold till it's not worth "farming" it.

taz80804137d ago

Yeah, the fact that the gold farmers exist is a clear indicator that they provide a service people want, if people didnt want to buy the gold/items then they would be out of business. Like JsonHenry says if Blizzard or whoever decided to sell gold directly to clients then these farmers wouldnt even exist unless htye tried to undercut prices, Blizzzard could use this source of revenue to lessen their monthly costs to subscribers as well.

LeShin4137d ago

Well, gold farmers basically ended my FF online days. The way they inflated the prices of certain items was ridiculous! I couldn't even say: "Well i don't REALLY need that piece of equipment" as loads of parties wouldn't invite me as I didn't have the "right" equipment.
Oh well, I guess they did me a favour, MMORPG's take up too much time anyway.

Odion4137d ago

or they could out right ban them so people have to actualy play the game and so i don't get spammed to death with retarded crap from these morons

Rooted_Dust4137d ago

If you buy your characters online or buy items with farmed gold you are not elite. Elite players work for what they get. You can't become elite just because you have money.

taz80804137d ago

Agreed, buying gear is the cheesy way to get good items, it is annoying to see new characters completely decked out in gear that you know they wouldnt be able to afford or use unless htey purchased it.

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