WorthPlaying: Astro Boy: The Video Game Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Among anime and manga enthusiasts, Astro Boy is legendary. Osamu Tezuka's story about a robotic boy living in a world where technology has advanced to the point of humans and robots coexisting was accepted by the Japanese people with open arms, and it also became one of the first anime series to become a hit in the 1960s with U.S. audiences. It has since been remade several times, always to a positive reception. The video games based on the character, however, have not been able to achieve that same level of success. The last good version was the Game Boy Advance iteration of Astro Boy: Omega Factor from 2004. Another version of Astro Boy has appeared, this time in the form of a CG animated movie, and with the movie come the inevitable video game tie-ins. Unfortunately, the Nintendo DS version of Astro Boy: The Video Game turns out to be just as lacking as the versions presented on other consoles."

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