Xorloser fully explains how to conduct PS3 hardware exploit

Great stuff from Xorloser here. He's fully explained how to conduct the PS3 hardware exploit WITH images. Moreover, he teases that in his next post he will "tie it all together along with some software I have written to dump your own hypervisor and more."

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Lookbehind3667d ago

Does Sony even care that people do this sort crap?................

snaz273667d ago

i remember the ps1, or ps2 was it that you could just pop a cd in first then put your copied game in and you were off, that i bet did worry them, not sure how the xbox one is done but there are lots of people doing it, hense so many getting banned, basically if its easy they would be worried, right now though i dont know many people that COULD do this. let alone have the inclination... i time tho i bet there will be people offering to do the mod... still though the ps1 and ps2 did fine and sony are still in business.

CernaML3666d ago

They've certainly made the PSP's latest firmware a lot harder to hack.

Baka-akaB3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

pS1 had mostly the old matchstick trick , when you'd jam your cd tray so you could swap cds .

PS2 was easier yet more complicated at the same time . At first you had to modify the console and use solders and chips . Then came along the new magic cds/dvds and hdd loaders .

PS :
Dont even try judging , as someone who bought exclusively US and Jap games , but stuck with EU/pal consoles , such methods were life saviors .

Region restriction has always been the stupidest thing possible in video games and still remains so for store contents and at least one console yet .

PLus loading ps2 games (that i all owns anyway) from hdd is what kept my original and second gen ps2 alive and kickin' till this day .

Now it is quite different , it would be hypocrite to hide behind region issue this time . At least not for ps3 games .
Sadly it is a problem still with BC , as sony didnt add a software region selector .

zeeshan3666d ago

You know, people at Sony must have stopped to take a look at all these "PS3 HACK" stories and then they must have read the whole thing, must have had a smile on their face while going back to playing HEARTS, Solitaire on their PC :)

TheDudeAbides3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

i wanna play pirated gamez, im gonna try it now, 10x 10x thankzzz!!!!11one

edit// bs! i fried my console u fa*, u owe me one n00b, go die


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DarkTower8053667d ago

Wow, the balls really starting to roll now.

DigitalAnalog3667d ago

It's going to be interesting.

-End statement

socomnick3666d ago

Anything they want and thats whats so exciting about this.

This could meant he start of great homebrew on the ps3, perhaps the modding community brings us a ps2 emulator. Hopefully they exploit the ps3 all the way so I can buy a bluray burner.

sikbeta3666d ago


First you need to buy a PS3 lol

Anyway, what's the problem with buying Original Games, if you can't buy them NEW, you can wait for the price cuts or trade and stuff like that, is not a big deal

Devs that Make Great Games Deserve the Money PAL

Gamers FTW!!!

red2tango3666d ago

Socomnick, give it up...YOU, Bungie, and Omega should just get IP banned from the gamer zone.

krisq3666d ago see Sony in full attack mode.

jellybalboa3666d ago

i wanna see the slim ps3 hacked, what!, wot do u mean 2014, what!, can only be done by rocket scientists, u gotta be kidding me!!

nevimkdojsem23666d ago

another hundred years until this utterly useless "hack" will lead to anything useful.

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The story is too old to be commented.