15 games this generation that wasted your time and money

GB writes: "The quality of video games these days is undoubtedly increasing every month or two, but there are some games that actually go in the reverse direction. Buying a game that is $40-60 and then realizing it was nothing but a waste of money and time could get pretty frustrating."

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mjolliffe3671d ago

Personally, I didn't mind Quantum Of Solace. Sure it wasn't worth the full £40, but it was pretty nice to play, and look at.

Army of Two was a complete waste of time for me, but then I liked Terminator Salvation only because I got a quick Platinum (and don't tell me you didn't like it because of that reason :P).

NecrumSlavery3671d ago

Where is Bethesda's two epics fails WET and Rogue Warrior?

SilentNegotiator3671d ago

I'm glad I'm smart enough to do research before buying a game.

Blaze9293671d ago

Epic fails? WET was actually a pretty decent game...

DarkTower8053671d ago

What idiots buy games before looking at gameplay/reviews? If they're that dumb they're going to get burned eventually.

Anon19743671d ago

Haze wasn't a great game by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't a bad game. I see what the developers tried to do by blurring the lines between good guys and bad guys, and it was an admirable attempt...they just missed the small detail that gamers like blowing up bad guys. Having your bad guy cry and ask for his mom when you fatally wound him kinda sucked the fun right out of it.
And the multiplayer let you play online, splitscreen with a friend. I'd love to see more games do this. All in all, it wasn't a terrible game.

Even Army of Two wasn't a bad game. Just not a great game. I thought the co-op was mindless fun.

And, as for PS3 fans calling Haze the "Halo killer" I think that's a little revisionist history. It's the gaming media that always has to slap the "Halo killer" label on titles, and then most of the fans comment on how ridiculous such a claim is. Not even the most diehard PS3 fan thought Haze was going to be a "Halo Killer".

I can't really speak to any of the other games as those were the only two on the list I played.

STK0263671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

actually, I would say that Quantum of Solace was a rather good game, nothing groundbreaking, but hey, it didn't look bad, had decent shooting mechanics and simply wasn't all that bad.

About the article, I actually enjoyed Army of two, quite a lot. Lair, in my opinion, wasn't as bad as some said, it was overhyped, but when you got used to the controls (or waited for the control patch), you had a pretty decent experience. The same applies to Too Human, not the game we were promised, but definitely something enjoyable if you're willing to give it some time. As for both Haze and Ninja Blade, both games were fairly enjoyable (atleast I did), nothing special, but it's not like the games didn't work or were full of game breaking glitches...

I really can't see how these games made it into the list, while Bomberman Zero and Hour of Victory are nowhere to be found.

bruddahmanmatt3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Where the eff is GTAIV? Most of the games here could be readily avoided by anyone with half a brain and an internet connection. Seriously, if you bought Terminator Salvation, GI Joe or about half of the games on this list you're an idiot for not doing your homework. Established franchises with great history like GTAIV should comprise such lists IMO. When you have an established franchise that sells on name alone and an installment ends up being a dud, THAT'S a disappointment. Crap that looks like crap and is confirmed to be crap upon research should never make it to your shelf in the first place.

Also, did a 3rd grader write this? English or what?

mal_tez923671d ago

The biggest dissappointment ever. I got no more than 5 hours of gameplay out of it before I got too bored to continue.

The most pleased I was with a game this generation was Uncharted: Drake's Frotune. It's just so much fun, I've been playing it for the last 2 years and am still enjoying it as much as when I first got it. Uncharted 2 has more exciting action but just doesn;t have the same lasting appeal.

sukru3671d ago

I was able to get Quantum or Solace at a clearance, and I enjoyed the single player a lot. They say it's not challenging, but if you start with higher difficulties, it becomes a good run.

(Then you can either give away the disc or trade it, there was unfortunately no replay value).

ape0073671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

one of the finest experiences in this generation

when I first played it, I thought it was a totally broken game and a true example of a stinky game

the controls was so different in feel than the previous gta games but Once I mastered driving, running and gunning, exploring the city and seeing how things works, I felt like im guilty that I said this to this gem

yes it has faults and need some more polish but it's one finest games

and one more point, the ps3 version of gta 4 had terrible framrate drops, blurry gfx and zero anti aliasing, so all of you who only got the ps3 version, you got to know that it is an inferior experience, the game ran like a mess in mid town especially at high speed, I don't understand why ign ignored this while b!tching about bayonetta all the time

anyone with any common sense will know that Im gonna get tons of disagrees cause im in N4G but Im really saying the truth

xbox version seemed more strong in almost everything, it ran natural

wildcat3671d ago

I think GTA4 focused too much on making the world feel realistic that is slightly toned down its fun factor. GTA fans were used to the quick, responsive controls and crazy action pieces of San Andreas (skydiving mission, jetpacks, Army at 6-star wanted, jacking tanks, parachuting out of planes) GTA4 seemed like a step back from all these fun things. Also, I enjoyed Niko's individual character, but I disliked how they made him just follow everyone's order--go do this, go kill him, kidnap her--some independence would have been nice.

And don't you think you're overblowing the PS3/360 difference just a little. When the difference is significant, the media and fans usually do a good job of voicing it (Bayonetta, Orange Box, etc...). You might be exaggerating a little there.

goflyakite3671d ago

Never played Haze aside from the demo but this quote doesn't make sense, "(there was no Resistance back then)". Resistance was a launch title.

Christopher3670d ago

I enjoyed Army of Two, but I'm a shooter newb.

I'm completely surprised that Iron Man and LotR: Conquest weren't at the top of this list. Both games had horrible controls, huge design issues, and tons of glitches. Oh, and they sucked too.

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life doomer3671d ago

haze was one of the best games i've ever played.

HowarthsNJ3671d ago

That doesn't mean I wasn't also disappointed by it.

I wanted to land the dragon in a sandbox battle not be shouted at and told what to do all the time.

That kind of gameplay IS old school in a bad way. Haze had similar problems.

pixelsword3671d ago

On every level except the one where you fought that giant wasp and the one with the giant watchtower that was composed of multiple heads that doubled as a base. The rest of them had people you could fight; but I do agree that people telling you what to do got a little bothersome. Lair had a freeflow fighting system, but Factor 5 undermined it by giving you explicit orders that you had to follow; if they gave you multiple choices, it would've been wonderful, although you can just ignore most of the orders and in very few instances you are punished.

They also messed-up by rewarding you for doing things faster, I fly around and just look at the game because it's freaking beautiful. That game so far is the ONLY huge game in 1080p, that's 60 frames per second (not solid, though).

-Alpha3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Spending over 15 hours making an LBP level just to find out that in the end, the way you glued all the things together resulted in the whole level literally breaking and falling down.

I was so shocked and didn't know how to fix it so I had to trash it.

15 hours down the drain. I worked really hard too, but I guess it's just a learning experience.

It wasn't a bad game, but that level was probably the biggest waste of time I've spent in a game this generation.

It was my first creation too, and I just had to tackle a huge project.

Luckily for me I started creating other projects that became more successful, though I am nowhere near as talented or creative as most other creators.

AnonUser55553671d ago

If you just glued them all together by holding them together, and then glue it all to a small piece of Dark Matter it probably would have stayed up.

-Alpha3671d ago

I had a huge background piece of wood or something, and some of my most mechanical parts were glued with the wood, so when the mechanics would function they would jam or something with the wood causing the wood to break and disappear which resulted in everything else falling down.

Or so I believe, I never really found out what the hell the problem was, but the background piece kept disappearing, I'd hear that little crunch sound anytime something broke, and the whole level went down the drain.

Still a fun game, but I never realized how time consuming it was to make a level.

Darkfocus3671d ago

why would you have the level on pause the whole time your building 8/ I always test after I add in new components to make sure it works.

respawnaction3671d ago

but I quite enjoyed army of two. I mean, it wasn't very original in terms of story and and what not, but I found it quite entertaining with the whole idea of being a merc and getting money for almost everything you do. The weapon customization was nifty as well, switching parts from an AK onto say, an M4, or even an smg. They had some great new ideas in terms of gameplay, like the shield mechanic where you guys are a walking tank, and the whole drag your teammate and shoot.

Yea, it had it's flaws, but what game doesn't? The shooting wasn't quite as solid as it could've and the environments were pretty bland but still, they tried something new and for the most part it worked. Getting high 7's and low 8's for a score isn't a failure you know. They worked the kinks out a little better in the 40th Day so we can only hope they make the third one what the first one should've been.

One of the best moments in gaming I had was beating Ao2 in one night, 12am-6am with my bro-in-law and thinking how awesome the experience was. Ao2 may not have been AAA, but I think it is in no way terrible or a waste of time. Go on and click the disagree button.

Polluted3671d ago

I liked Army of Two as well. Unfortunately nothing's ever good enough for anyone these days. Just ignore them. No point in getting worked up about it.

butterfinger3670d ago

Army of Two, especially playing local co-op with my friends, until I played it on hard. The game didn't change anything at all except they just added more people. It actually got to the point where I was annoyed because it was taking so long to mow down all of the waves of retarded AI enemies in each area. I thought the game accomplished what it set out to do, though. I still want to play the new one. :)

mxrider23671d ago

i thought lair had an amazing story and the graphics were so good at the time and that it was sick jumping from my dragon and fing trhowing a guy off his killing his dragon and jumping back on mine (thinking thats got to hurt his balls...)