Does a good Sex scene mean a good Role Playing Game?

Enter the world where your choices can manipulate the world around you, forcing you to make decisions that will change how the story unfolds.

No other genre can ruin your marriage like a good RPG. That gradual bond that grows between you and your character. The emotional roller-coaster of relationships that are formed with other characters you meet on your journey, and more often that not, the sorrow of when you can save only one of them. The level of personalisation which fools you into believing this world was made specifically for you is unparalleled in any other genre, leaving you gutted and asking for more when the credits roll. You then realise 3 days have passed since you had a shower. Roll on the sick day!

Why do you have to end!

Unfortunately these gems are few and far between, with only a hand full of RPG's ever reaching this level of gaming oblivion.

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DanCrabtree3673d ago

I feel like the obvious answer to the title question is no, but its certainly an engaging discussion.

Genesis53673d ago

I seen that sex scene between my avatar and Morrigan. Wasn't that exciting. Personally I would rather have my own sex scene somewhere.

life doomer3673d ago

if there is no sex in a roleplaying game then it's not a roleplaying game.