Bad Company 2 Field Manual Site Launched

EA has launched a new Bad Company 2 fan website called the Tactical Field Manual. The website features all the latest game information on vehicles, weapons, maps, and strategy. However beware, the website is restricted to players of Modern Warfare and Battlefield who have accumulated enough experience points.

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omni_atlas4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Anyone have an Xbox Live gamertag with MW2 experience? PS3/PC player here.


Nevermind, someone kindly compiled a PDF file of the site. You can get it here:

Aggesan4363d ago

I have played 100+ hours of Battlefield 2, 100+ hours of Battlefield 2142, almost 200 hours of Battlefield BC and about 50 hours of Battlefield 1943, and the site still says I don't have enough Battlefield experience!? Screw that!

psycho3604363d ago

I got in with my xblive gamertage as well as by BF veteren status. Just enter your email on which you register your BF series account.

krisq4363d ago

I'm a veteran by BF standards, yet I can't login :/

psycho3604363d ago

How are you trying to login? XBLIVE Gamer tag with XP on MW2 or with email address with which you are linked to BF series? I've tried both and it works.

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tdrules4364d ago

can anyone find the logic in an EA site requiring sufficient play on 360 of a game that is their direct rival, to access the site?

Solans Scott4364d ago

My guess would be that they are trying to entice the modern warfare 2 crowd.

yourcatch224364d ago

Yeah it is pretty interesting how they are using Modern Warfare itself to get players interested in Bad Company 2. I wonder what IW thinks bout this...

tdrules4364d ago

I'm Rank 4 On Battlefield Veterans, I've played Bad Company 1 for a fair amount of time on PS3, same with Battlefield 1943.

So I can't access it?
pants on head retarded

perseus4364d ago

I think the box labelled

"Are you a Battlefield Veteran?"

will be helpful for you.

GSpartan7774363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

They think that by bashing their competition they are going to get players into their game. Sadly it's not gonna work because the games play out different from one another and the MW2 feel appeals to a much broader audience than the Battlefield Series does. It has always been that way and in this case it doesn't seem like it's gonna be different. But it seems like it's their obvious choice considering MW2 set the bar high for them.

But I am not sure if it's a DICE thing or an EA thing because on a Dante's Inferno add it says "Before you go to war with the Gods, Go to Hell", which obviously indicates God of War as their target

superrey194363d ago

They mention Modern Warfare but that doesn't mean they're bashing it.

GSpartan7774363d ago

"Enter your Xbox Live account and see if you have enough combat experience to gain access"

"Sorry you are not ready for the ULTIMATE PRESITE. You might have better luck if you improve your skills with Modern Warfare 2 a bit first."

Doesn't say anything huh? and unless you have been following DICE throughout their journey as they constantly highlighted things MW2 didn't have that they were going to have than you'll know what I am talking about.

superrey194363d ago

Listing things that one game has and another doesn't is still not bashing, it's simply fact. If they were deliberately trying to insult MW2 and Infinity Ward they would just say their game sucks and that no one should play it. Dice has been civil about competing with MW2 and, as your quote suggests, even tells players to play it!

yourcatch224363d ago

I agree I don't think they are bashing Modern Warfare by any means, but do you think its wrong to be kinda riding on their coat-tails so to speak in order to get players interested in Bad Company 2?

Clearly they are trying to appeal to experienced Modern Warfare 2 players here, which means they are clearly targeting IW's audience...

Bimmer34363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

You all realize that "Modern Warfare" is referring to "Battlefield 2: Modern Warfare." It's a game on the Xbox 360 that came out well before "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare"

Or maybe I'm wrong? It's been years since I've played that game. Can anyone else back me up on that?

TheBand1t4363d ago

Are they taking about CoD4: Modern Combat or Battlefield 2: Modern Combat?

Bimmer34363d ago

I actually don't know now. I just assumed they were referring to their own game, but I went and looked up the title. It's "Battlefield 2: Modern Combat" versus "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare."


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Dave13514363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

It wont take my information!, I have 32 days worth of playing time on bad company 1 and im not a veteran? screw that

Rohirm4363d ago

Veternancy is determined by how many BF games you have or have played in the past, not the amount of hours you spent on one game.

TheBand1t4363d ago

What the hell? I have 1942 and all it's expansions registered to me, Battlefield 2 and it's expansion and boosters registered to me, BF2142, and the BC1 demo, and I can't access? BS

perseus4363d ago

I have 1942, BF2, BC1, and 1943 registered, and I got in. Perhaps it's related not to veteran level, but to level in BC1.

TheBand1t4363d ago

I don't have 1943 registered to me even though I got the game. WTH EA?

Da Real Hippopotamus4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

I think something is up with the site, I just put in my e-mail address and it let me go through and I don't even own any battlefield games!
(I tried the Beta for BC2 and BF2 demo though)

EDIT: After a good 5 minutes or so on the site I can tell you that it's not too useful. The only really good part about it is that it gives you a birdseye of the maps.

perseus4363d ago

Don't worry about that, either. No one's 1943 medal shows up. Apparently it will automatically give you the medal some time in the future,

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DiffusionE4363d ago

So so stupid EA. Just when we thought you're getting your act together, you had to go and pull a pathetic stunt like this. Just like restricting a whole multiplayer mode from purchases other than Gamestop pre-orders. I guess the old EA never actually disappeared. *sigh*

peeps4363d ago

all it is is some extra info for bf veterans. It's nothing special and tbh all the info has been plastered all over the internet already

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