Kojima: MGS to 'rediscover its fun'

CVG: Hideo Kojima has claimed that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will allow players to "rediscover the fun" of Konami's earlier MGS games - but reassured fans that the title doesn't dumb down the series.

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jammy_703666d ago

thou mgs4 was really good it just wasnt as good as 2 or 3, i missed the back tracking (to get bombs and other stuff) and the stealth was better on 2 and 3......i hope this game is really good, and rising aswell.....

garos823666d ago

i also hope it can be optional to download it for ps3 and play on ps3.

I have no psp :(

DaTruth3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I hope they have button mapping for the Bluetooth PS3 controller option on the PSPGo. I can play this on my TV, but I want the dual analog stick function for this game. Shooting games have a tendency to suck on the PSP. The Resistance PSP demo was horrible!

Edit: Don't get me wrong though; I thoroughly enjoyed this demo!

morganfell3665d ago

DaTruth, Kojima said that MGS PW would take advantage of every feature the PSP possesses. As soonb as I heard that the first thing I thought of was cabling my PSP to the big screen and playing the game with my DS3 ala Resistance Retribution.

DatNJDom813665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

have all been fun. To me at least. The only people that complain about it are people that dont understand the story and the 360 fans that say its a "long interactive movie". Funny how many of them wanted it (still do) on the 360.

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GrandDragon3666d ago

Why don't he just make Peace Walker for the PS3 as well? why his he running away fro the PS3?

MGS4 didn't really look that great apart from the character models which themselves didn't looks as goo as the TGS 05 'REAL-TIME' demonstration.

The environments in that game is what made the game look rubbish but I still purchased it in the end because it's one of my most favourite franchises and I wanted to see what's going to happen to snake.

I really hope Kojima makes Peace Walker or another 'proper' MGS game exclusive for the PS3 and this he may be able to out shine the the original trailer in terms of Character models and environment textures and also realism.

DaTruth3666d ago

Wow, what do other console games look like to you? There's like four games in existence that look better than MGS4!

Rubbish is a bit of a strong word! Like The Hulk strong!

Cernunnos3665d ago


Check the comparisons. The finished product has much better character models than the TGS demo, but the TGS demo used warmer colors.

theEnemy3665d ago

lol, clearly you haven't even played MGS4 yet. So stop with the "I still purchased it" BS.

MGS4 is one of the games (If not the only game) who has cutscenes/cgi-like gameplay. That's how good MGS4's graphics.

But I agree with you on another PS3 MGS game.

- - -

It's funny that Kojima is more excited/pumped up on a PSP game rather than the "multiplat" game.

sikbeta3665d ago

WOW Pal, way to be Delusional lol

Unbelievable and I thought Bungie was the worst, anyway keep living in your D&D World

MGS4 Is Beast, hope some day You can play it...

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Hakimy3666d ago

rediscover it's fun? I hope it's as fun as me,MGS1 & 3 were the most complete MGS games in terms of fun ;)

vhero3666d ago

Peace Walker only available on Playstation.

NeutralGamer3666d ago

Peace Walker only available on Playstation *Portable*

GrandDragon3666d ago

MGS1, MGS2 & MGS3 were my best titles and I've never complained about them but when when I saw MGS4's retail version I complained like mad because it didn't live up to the other 3 titles.

The only thins I probably hated about MGS2 was playing with Raiden but then again it wasn't really that bad since the gameplay doesn't really change from playing with Snake at the beginning on the Tanker.

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