Heavy Rain Demo Lacks Weight


"Heavy Rain is a game about choices and the consequences to those choices. Quantic Dream's demo of the upcoming adventure title tries to demonstrate just how the developer plans on pulling that off. You get a brief glimpse at how the controls, dynamic conversation, and investigation aspect will work.

As the player, you'll immediately notice in the first scene that the controls are atypical to other contemporary games: every move is deliberate and can even require multiple buttons be pressed at the same time. For example, the game goes so far as to make you hold R2 to simply walk. You can imagine how the rest of the controls hold up...."

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Bereaver4085d ago

I don't know about the rest of yal, but this is supposed to be a demo, not a climax.

I loved them demo, I understand exactly what I'm buying, when I buy it.

Heavy Rain FTW.

ActionBastard4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Nuff said.

Also, look at some of the approvers of this, it's pretty funny. Guess which ones haven't played the demo and don't have PS3s? Hahahaha

Jamie Foxx4085d ago

'Oh let's say something negative against anything sony and we'll get hits to oursite'
sick of these juvenile sites and their juvenile attempt at getting hits

lociefer4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

any1 who played this game or seen the footage knows tht this game just obliterates the bar

HighDefinition4085d ago

There are way to many **demo** impressions for this game.

Everyone and their Mama has something to say about this demo.

Baba19064085d ago

couldnt agree more. the demo showed it exactly what you will expect in teh full game. and i loved it.

Hanif-8764085d ago

I loved the demo and Heavy Rain is a must buy :-)

deadreckoning6664085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

All I'm gunna say is that you people need to learn to accept another persons opinion. I own a PS3 and I have no interest in Heavy Rain because its just NOT MY STYLE OF PLAY and I know lots of my friends who own a PS3 that have no interest in the game either.

Heavy Rain is ISN'T for everyone and to say the people who don't like it have a "problem" is just wrong.

"I respect your opinion on Heavy Rain, but you shouldn't write an article saying how crap the game is just because you don't like the genre."

Where did he say that he didn't like the genre? I don't see that in the article. Maybe he has a legitimate problem with the game that he didn't like. Example: I LOVE action games, does that mean I'm "obligated" to love Dante's Inferno? Who knows maybe the author enjoys "interactive movie" games, but just didn't like Heavy Rain. I don't see a problem with this.

Sev4085d ago

I've now completed the full game twice. The demo doesn't offer a good enough look into what the game is all about.

Don't judge a game by it's demo.

I can't say anything else. I am under embargo...

NNNW4085d ago

You are very lucky..

thor4085d ago

And I don't like sports games.

I respect your opinion on Heavy Rain, but you shouldn't write an article saying how crap the game is just because you don't like the genre.

I wouldn't write a review of Fifa 10 saying "Like every other boring sports game it adds practically nothing to the formula, graphics are still a bit crap and I'd rather kick a ball around in the park." That's my opinion, but it's not article worthy.

Harry_Manback4085d ago

It's definitely a game that I, myself can get into. It may not be for everyone though.

Did anyone else have any issues with the demo? It made my ps3 crash while I was at the crime scene part. My screen went blank followed by a loud distortion through my speakers. Scared the sh!t out of me!!

Frulond4085d ago

same thing happened to me but just on first playthrough second time I actually turned the volume down before leaving the crime scene XD but didn't happen again, prolly just a demo glitch or something

Udidntlistenpunk4085d ago

Whether you like it or not, the future of gaming has been shown.

Heavy Rain, Triple A exclusive. PS3 does everything.

frankymv4085d ago

or was it another game.......can't remember

deafwing4085d ago

... but I found the controls to be antiquated, cumbersome, and slow.

The new elements they added to the control like holding multiple buttons at a time to complete unique environment interactions is cool but holding R2 to walk around is silly in my eyes.

I'm sure they could have made it more engaging. The problem with these games is always deciding on what gamers will interact with and one can never predict what a gamer will want to interact with -it's a best guess.

Otherwise the story seemed interesting enough but I'm not sold yet on it. Perhaps I will rent it first before putting 60 bucks down on this (there are so many other games coming out this, and next month).

twoface4085d ago

Deadreckoning, i need you to accept my opinion that heavy rain is for everyone.

Can you accept my opinion?

morganfell4085d ago

I see there are some desperate people in this thread attempting to use the "respect others opinions" - when they attack others remarks constantly - and are desperatly commenting with the ridiculous "it isn't for everyone reasoning" in order to support this absurd article.

Fact. Heavy Rain is a landmark, must have, one of a kind game and once again, a PS3 exclusive.

deadreckoning6664085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

"Deadreckoning, i need you to accept my opinion that heavy rain is for everyone.

Can you accept my opinion?"

No, I can't because ur opinion is FLAWED. There has never been and will never be a game that appeals to EVERYONE. Its not possible.

@Two-face- Ur opinion IS 100% flawed. U saying that Heavy Rain is for EVERYONE is like saying that everyone in Haiti deserved to die in the earthquake. Is it an opinion? Sure. A flawed opinion, most definetly. How can u even fathom that a game can appeal to everyone?

"Fact. Heavy Rain is a landmark, must have, one of a kind game and once again, a PS3 exclusive."

You just made urself look extrememly ignorant. I bet you also expect all the PS3 owners in the world to get this "universally must have" on Day 1...

deafwing4085d ago

... you must be refering to a more mature gamer audience man (like myself) who does not need everything blowing up in their face, or a M-whatever to shoot someone.

The point is ... younger gamers may not go for this because to them, this game is going to be boring - period.

I can't see my younger cousins who all own ps3s buying this - not when God of War and other mega action titles are hitting this first quarter.

True, it is interesting but only a dedicated few may flock to it.

twoface4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

So you can't accept someone else's opinion when you think it's flawed?

But you insist that we must accept this someone else's opinion and it's not flawed? Don't force on others to accept flawed opinions when you yourself can't accept it.

@deadreckoning again: Yeah, i intentionally used a flawed opinion to illustrate my point, and i know that it would likely invoke your response as it did. So does it mean all our conversation holds no weight? Because at the end, both of us are gonna switch off our PC. This is what this article piece is saying isn't it?

N4Flamers4085d ago

the fact that this site is reviewing the demo when most sites have a review of the whole game shows you how worthless their opinion is. I played the demo and loved it, but then again I've had this game reserved for quite some time now.

The problem I have with this blog is that they say the demo doesnt have weight because youre choices lead to the same outcome. There are different ways to go about playing the demo. depending on the questions you ask her the chick can be angry at you or begin to cry. I even got her to light up a smoke one time. Yes no matter what you do you still leave and there is still a confrontation (if you choose,) but thats the point.

This stupid rant of an article seems to forget that the point of the demo is to demonstrate the features of the game. It's plainly obvious that it wont have the weight of the full game because its not the full game.


PopEmUp4085d ago

I Frickin' love it, can't wait for the full retail game :)

chaosatom4085d ago

I played it 3 times or more.

Just set the gamma level to high for second section, and it looks amazing.

Virtual-on4085d ago

It will be overlooked, just like Indigo Prophecy. No fanboys will care..

twoface4085d ago

Definitely Virtual-On.

Exclusivity, well-known franchises, marketing, controversy, etc. All these are factors that can contribute talking points

HR being an exclusive and hopefully enjoyably innovative game certainly garners more attention.

Virtual-on4085d ago

Well, if Heavy Rain storyline at least as interesting as Shadow of Destiny, I think everyone who's gonna buy it will be pleased...

Marceles4085d ago

I swear, a new hater ass site opens up everyday. Gaming "journalism" FTL

Blaze9294085d ago

Why are you so paranoid? Don't like it don't click on the submission. You clicking and commenting on it just helped them get more exposure. Round of applause.

iwillpwnyou4085d ago

is truly next-gen, unlike many other games!

exnihilonihilfit4085d ago

That was riveting! I was on the edge of my seat, and so were my two friends who were with me. Not only that, I got he feeling that the fight was in a way more realistic than in other games because I had to respond to specific attacks and counter where there were unique opportunities.

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ActionBastard4085d ago

Seriously? That's some sort of dealbreaker? Hahaha, god what a great morning.

4085d ago
deafwing4085d ago

.. but it's not a driving game is it?

PopEmUp4085d ago

not to mention Fifa10 where he obviously doesn't like to spring when there like 2 defenders hunting him :P

4085d ago
HowarthsNJ4085d ago

Look left, change camera angle etc..

sikbeta4085d ago

"the game goes so far as to -> [make you hold R2 to simply walk] <-

lol....wait, Muahahahahahahahaha.....

God Damn Fat kid whining cuz he has to Hold a Button...This is Like TOO MUCH FOR is Just Priceless

Please quit gaming, NOW!!!

@Action Bastard

Bubbles to You Man, you found a Gold Piece of Comedy...

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Karooo4085d ago

from crappy unknown sites. wtf is this.


Sucks and is full of fanboys one ps3 and 360 side....But what happen to the nintendo Fanboys ?

Cold 20004085d ago

They are on top of this.

oliverasadi4085d ago

I didnt like the mission when you was using Jayden or whatever his name is but I liked the first mission

frankymv4085d ago

Demo is superb....its a TEASER for the game

APOFISBORICUA4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Why you 360 fanboys are here posting your "opinion" about a game you are never going to try?? Why so scared? Why the need to bash it? Its a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AND MOST OF THE PS3 FANS HERE DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to buy it because we like the demo. I am a gamer and I never write garbage of a game I havent played. Yes I have my opinions but everybody has theirs. I cant be trying to convince with my simple opinion others who liked the demo. Jesus 360 fans your opinions arent better than everybodys else. I dindt like MASS EFFECT 2 and I played it. Does that mean that you must not like it too??. WOW the people in this site is incredibe. HEAVY RAIN is a different kind of beast. The media knows it but they are youth and as some of todays "gamers" they cant adapt. A MUST BUY GAME FOR EVERY GAMER....ITS THAT SIMPLE. 360 fanboys...I dont care about your opinnions of every PS3 exclusive. WHO ELSE DONT CARE!??

BTW: Dantes Inferno is a good game. If you played Bayonetta and dont play this you cant consider yourself a gamer. RENT IT at least. Its a good ride.