To Spoil Or Not To Spoil, Is That A Question?

There's been an interesting debate on the gaming airwaves lately about whether or not reviews should warn readers of an upcoming spoiler.

It appears that there are some who think that anyone who complains of a spoiler is a whiny brat and others who vociferously disagree.

What do you think?

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DanCrabtree3667d ago

Its definitely up to the reader to make sure they don't read past the spoiler warning, but if reviewers are going to reveal story information in the review, they should be obligated to give a warning.

FuzzyPixels3667d ago

Agreed. Plus I don't think that reviewers have to give away anything. You can talk about a game's plot without revealing spoilers, and there's a big difference between cultural criticism and product reviewing

gordonfreewoman3667d ago

I agree that there should definitely be spoiler warnings in game reviews. I don't think it's quite as important in the games world as in movies etc, but I still don't want someone to spoil the surprise.

Blues Cowboy3667d ago

I don't really know why many critics insist on discussing actual plot points in their reviews. What's wrong with saying that "the storyline is engrossing" or "the twist is genuinely mindblowing" rather than actually saying WHAT IT IS!

I'm an adamant hater of spoilers- but so long as they call "spoiler warning" well in advance then it's fair game.