Rebellion working on PS3 issues with AvP demo

VG247: "Rebellion has responded to issues relating to the match-making in the PS3 demo of Alien vs Predator."

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hakis863201d ago

Good, hope they can patch the demo soon

elcompa4253201d ago

game will still be trasshh....

jalen2473201d ago

The demo is a broken mess on the PS3. I couldn't get the damn thing to start a game.

They will lose a lot of potential sells because of this mess.

How are you going to release a demo and it don't work?...ridiculous.

hakis863200d ago

Mine actually worked for me last night, after a lot of waiting..
I did see a post somewhere that Rebellion have been working this weekend to fix it.. I'll check it out later today=)

jalen2473199d ago

Okay. I will check it out again tomorrow to see if I can get into a game.