15 E3 Announcement Expectations

CC: Now that E3 2010 isn't far away at all, it's time to start hoping. Hoping, that your favourite sequel will be revealed for the first time.

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Logiistics4085d ago

Very reasonable, logical choices there. I'd agree with all of them. Looking forward to hopefully a GRiD 2 myself, or KZ3, or the next Brothers In arms game.

mjolliffe4085d ago

I would say the most likely are Killzone 2, Saints Row 3, Red Faction 4 and maybe Gears 3 :)

It'll be better than awesome though!

sinncross4085d ago

Urban MS could be interesting.

I do know that I would like Evolution Studios to tackle a new Destruction Derby.

I am, however, surprised not to see Resistance 3, Infamous 2 and Syphon Filter on that list: all 3 seem like likely candidates at the Sony conference.

Interested to see what Gears 3 shows.

young juice4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

another crash bandicoot

Cold 20004085d ago

I hope their won't be a Gears this year and that EPIC deliver a new IP instead.

Megaton4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Didn't Epic say the next Gears won't come out in this console generation? GTAV might be announced, but as long as Rockstar's "A team" is supposedly dedicated to Agent, I don't see it coming out anytime soon.

Also, I kinda scratched my head at this: "The second instalment, Pacific Rift was more of the same (just a little bit worse) when released in 2008."

PR fixed everything that was wrong with the first Motorstorm. Ass-backwards to a T.

MAR-TYR-DOM4085d ago

Dont you guys think we are long overdue for a tom clancy game?

HighDefinition4085d ago

It`ll be all Natal and the stupid spin off games that will destroy some of your favorite series.

For PS3....

It`ll be ARC and all the stupid spin off games that will destroy some of your favorite series.

For me, Natal is a cool interface, Arc has more potential for me to like it. But I`d be cool w/o either.

But In the end, I think this will be the year gaming sways a direction NONE OF US want it to go. 360fanboy,PS3fanboy and hardcore gamers.

HighDefinition4085d ago

Ye. It`s called Splinter Cell:Conviction!!!!

KiRBY30004085d ago

the franchise doesnt belong to Naughty Dog/Sony anymore so there is no point getting a new Crash if ND aint developing it.

what could be interesting to see? i want a trailer for AGENT, the announcement of Bully 2, trailer for KZ3, trailer + gameplay for LA Noire... some FF Versus as well...

and it wont happen but i'd go crazy for a new SSX game announcement! where the F are Snowboard games this gen??

vhero4085d ago

Why is mirrors edge 2 there?? Obviously the article writers favourite as that game certainly didn't take off!


Gears Would be nice,

but i want some PGR5!!

PGR4 is really fun.

Well if Turn 10 takes over the series, i hope they
dont destroy the fun arcade racing with sim style

mjolliffe4085d ago

How can you say that? EA said the game deserves a sequel, therefore it makes sense that he included it in the article.

Anon19744084d ago

Looking at the list of games Sony announced for use with their motion control, it looks like they plan for Arc to just be used for the odd party game. I can't see Arc creeping into any favorite series or anything with the exception of that alternate edition of RE5 they were talking about.

I'm sure we'll see more with the Arc at E3, but I don't think it'll be Sony's main push. I suspect they realize that the Arc will not be for everyone and will mostly be used for kids games and party type games.

I wish Microsoft would do the same with Natal and just admit that Natal's for Party games and general, simple diversions. They keep pushing it as the next big thing that's going to revolutionize gaming. Give it a rest. There's nothing revolutionary about Natal. It's a nice idea, it'll bring in some casuals but we've seen Natal used. We've watched the laggy response on a slowed down version of Burnout, and even though game was slowed down people still couldn't seem to play the game. Microsoft isn't fooling anyone.

If you want a piece of the casual market, market it at the casual market, but if you start ruining great games like Fable with mandatory Natal play, expect to face some backlash.

SilentNegotiator4084d ago

I expect a Killzone 3 announcement and Agent footage.

iwillpwnyou4084d ago

hopefully Starhawk and Twisted Metal at e3 this year!

JeffGUNZ4084d ago

Gears 3 to show natal compatibility. Epic said Gears will be on the next gen console, and I believe that Microsoft is going to angle Natal as the step to the next generation, since Microsoft is going to treat the release of natal as the release of a new console, or bigger. I think Gears 3 will be the hardcore title that natal will show off. I hope that it all works well.

eagle214084d ago

A release date for Zelda Wii and The Last Guardian. Bully 2 would be nice as well. O-O :)

yojoe264084d ago

Okay like only two of the games on that list excite me. Crappy list. Killzone 3 and Motorstorm 3 excite me. Gears 3 doesn't only cause I'm not a 360 owner. PS3 man myself. I would list Star Wars Battlefront 3, Twisted Metal PS3, Starhawk, Resistance 3, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Kingdom Hearts 3. This past year was the year of the "two's" ( Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, etc. This comin year is the year of the "threes" (killzone 3, resistance 3, Battlefront 3, Motorstorm 3, God of War 3, etc. Good year coming up folks....

cayal4084d ago

I imagine there will be Force Unleashed 2 news.

SaberEdge4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

I think Resistance 3 and Gears of War 3 are fairly likely (or maybe something else from Insomniac and Epic). I don't think Infamous 2 is very likely, since the first game only came out last year. I guess it's possible that they could announce it for Spring 2011.

The games I am personally hoping for are Killzone 3 and Gears of War 3. Also, I really hope they announce a solid release date for The Last Guardian, and I hope it is this year. I am also excited to see what kind of games are coming for Natal.

likedamaster4084d ago

I thought I was the only one secretly wishing for a GRID 2, been playing Dirt 2 and although it's a ton of fun it just isn't the same. I'd also take a new Rainbow Six Vegas, both games were awesome.

InspectorG4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

i would love an announcement of Legend of the Dragoon Remake,

Killzone 3 and resistance 3 and maybe even some demon's souls 2 :) I only got the first a little while ago and i am completely addicted - ha ha damn these games, with university starting again i don't know where i'll get the time to play the games coming out this year

Either way i am looking forward to seeing what each company has to offer.

morkendo4084d ago

Im looking forward in GRID2, GT5 criterions "NEED FOR SPEED" hopeing its like HIGHSTAKES or HOTPURSUIT 2

Grown Folks Talk4084d ago

Ghost Recon will probably get its official debut. Perhaps a new R6 as well. If SC:C gets pushed again from April 13th, i'm gonna slap somebodys mama.

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mrv3214085d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft announces a new Xbox called the X10.

mjolliffe4085d ago

I wouldn't think any of them would make a console announcement until E3 2011...

We don't need them just yet.

Dark_Vendetta4085d ago

A new Xbox before Natal was released? No I don't think so. Especially as long as the current one sells enough, I don't see a reason for them to release a new one

mrv3214085d ago

Let's face it Microsoft is in a prime position to catch Sony off guard. Imagine that just as Sony enters it's stride the X10 is launched... so long as it's FULLY backwards compatible with all 360 games and add-ons then people will buy it. Add some power, new features. It doesn't even have to be a full console redesign. Like Gamecube to Wii... not much added but helped with the image and really pushed Nintendo back into the lead.

The 360 as with EVERY console is limited in certain area's. 360's would be the un-universal hard drive and a few other proplems.

They could announce a new portable device which would be interesting but in my opinion a bit to premature as both Sony and Nintendo are holding out on new portables to see how Digital Developes.

Again I doubt they'll announce it but I wouldn't be surprised. A 360 slim with new features to replace the old one would be of benefit. Built in wireless and some other features.

dirthurts4085d ago

Good theory. It would certainly work. A minor revision always seems to catch the attention of fans. New look, added a couple features, bigger HDD, etc. I wouldn't expect them to pump up the visuals though.
There are rumors of a MS phone based off the Zune design as well. I expect that announcement sooner than E3 though.

Qui-Gon Jim4085d ago

Announcing a new Xbox at this year's E3 would steal thunder from Project Natal, and Natal is going to be Microsoft's focus at E3.

vhero4085d ago

Not gonna happen get over it.

Cueil4084d ago

It'll likely be their handheld device... no doubt a Zune derivative

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ShabzS4085d ago

seriously gears 3 with gta 5 and e3 2010 is a win

Omega44085d ago

If Gears 3 does get announced I dont see it coming out this year MS's holiday period is crowded enough as it is. To release a game the size of Gears 3 as well would be over doing it, Halo, Natal and Fable (plus another COD) is more than enough for major releases.

Double Toasted4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

...release the beast that is Gears, then...there will be CHAOS!!!

Aloren4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Halo will be september, imo fable will be october (a la forza), so a november release of gears 3 against Cod is perfectly possible imo, it's not like gears has anything to fear from other franchises.

multipayer4084d ago

Also, releasing 360s two best shooter franchises at the same time... Even sony pushed back Killzone 2 so it wouldn't affect Resistance 2 sales.