MLB 10: The Show Continues To Be One Of The Best Looking Video Games Around

PushSquare: "Look, we're British and we have very little interest in baseball. But even we can respect the levels of amazing animation and visual fidelity in Sony's annual MLB 10 The Show. This game really looks breath-taking.

Check out the new gameplay trailer featuring cover-star Joe Mauer. Breath-taking."

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Karooo3666d ago

this game just proves that.

alphakennybody3666d ago

not into baseball but these visuals are incredible and the animation is life-like

get2sammyb3666d ago

Aside from some copy & pasting, even the crowd is amazingly well animated.

strotee3666d ago

If WKC is as bad as all the reviews are claiming, I'll sell that off and get this when it drops. I really wanted a good WRPG but I'd be a fool to pass it up.

saint_john_paul_ii3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Sony should make an actual Sports studio just like how Sega had their own dedicated sports studio back during the Dreamcast days. all of their sports games would be quality like if they did something like this. yes their San Diego studio are pretty much dedicating themselves to sports games (NBA/MLB) but imagine opening up to other sports games.

But they would probably anger EA and cause them to drop PS3/PSP support.

Tito083666d ago

Yeah, that's why EA didn't wanna support Sega, cause Sega sports games on the Dreamcast were so much better than EA sports!!!!!!

get2sammyb3666d ago

When the EA/Microsoft rumours popped up though, that's why no one should have worried about sports games on the PS3.

They could EASILY do it. I'm pretty sure Sony used to do a soccer game, they obviously do MLB, and they could easily extend that.

But, while EA are around, I think it's fine for them to just do this baseball game. Although I would like to see what else this studio could produce.

Antan3666d ago

People seem to forget this when talking about Sony`s 2010 lineup. The franchise is always very well received, and regarded as the best in the business. The new version looks to be even better! Just wish i was into baseball..............being from the UK it should`nt come as a suprise to hear im more into "soccer".

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