Game Informer Smear Job Of Aliens Vs. Predator

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"After reading the review, I was amazed that it was even published in the first place. Could Ben Reeves give any less information, or points that would validate such a low score? It honestly read like he had played the game for fifteen minutes, and then spent another five writing the review. For someone who references the great movies that inspired the game itself a few times in this very, very, short review, I'm forced to ask....dude, did you even watch the movies?"

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DeforMAKulizer3665d ago

I think Rebellion will be going bankrupt after this game or closing down... Their recent streak of games has been horrid... Still can't stop laughing from Rogue Warrior!!!
They put so much into this and kept on saying its the best they have worked on and that it will be fantastic...
Shame =(

Elven63664d ago

They have other business asides from gaming, they've also done a lot of outsourcing jobs for PSP, DS, PS2, etc. I think they are financially stable enough, they haven't had many game hits previously yet they are one of if not the largest independent game developer in Europe.

SilentNegotiator3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Harsh maybe, but it's quite apparent the game won't be anything special.

I'm glad to hear some peps agree with you on Steam. Journalism at it's finest indeed.

hakis863664d ago

The graphics are good, the sounds are good, the mood in the demo is scary and the gameplay is good.
Thank god Rebellion have their own feel to the game, like Killzone 2 had. I would be so dissapointed if every game turns out as "floaty" as Call of Duty. I like COD but growing tired of it, nothing new.

AVP is unique, it's terrifying to be marine and awesome to be predator with all his gadgets and cloaking. And nothing beats being an stealth alien just slashing people!

I won't cancel my pre-order :)

hakis863664d ago

The reason I think it's BS, is because all the videos at Gametrailers are rated VERY high, as well as the guys at Invisible Walls talked about the game a few weeks ago - they were all excited, and all of them had played some of the game.
I mean, those guys often have different taste in games, but every1 was looking forward to this game.

IaMs123664d ago

I personally was very disappointed in the demo. I was looking forward to this game very much but after playing the demo i think im going to wait a while and see how it shapes up later. I really hope Aliens: Colonial Marines does a fantastic job because i sure am looking forward to some good Aliens game this gen.

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Komega3665d ago

While I would stop short of calling Aliens Vs. Predator fantastic, I wouldn't go as far as to say it was a 5.75 either.

morganfell3664d ago

I have to agree with his article. I have the previous titles and the Alien movement is practically unchanged. It is laughable that he compares this game to the previous PC titles yet from all I have seen of the Campaign and the MP gameplay I have experienced it closely follows in the footsteps of the very predecessors he lauds.

ASSASSYN 36o3664d ago

I totally disagree with you. I played AVP 1 and 2 on the pc religiously and I don't ever remember 1. the disc flying wildly off walls more than twice without sticking into the wall. 2. Auto-aim during melee combat (Or did you a veteran of the series not notice that?). 3. The predators' cloak being visible when he is standing still. 4. The Marine and predator starting a death match with minimal weapons. Wrist blades, and just bullets no grenades. 5. Unless I missed them in my 3 hour romp through the demo. Where is the flares for the marine. Because the flashlight IS crap even on my HDMI connected 1080p 120hz samsung 42 inch tv.

I admit I am guessing-> I doubt there is no Alien queen in multiplay, or even an option to start all aliens through the life cycle, face-hugger, chest burster, adult alien, and queen like the old PC versions.

I canceled my reservation. I am no longer shelling out 64 bucks for a let down version of a series with an amazing history. Rent is where this game belongs. If I get the final version in my hands through rental ofcourse and I see otherwise then good. And even if this is an old build missing the above features...they could have kept it.

Komega3664d ago

@morganfell I know it's a little silly right.

VileAndVicious3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Id say that I have to agree with pretty much every thing said in article. The review just seemed like its entire purpose was to smear out another first person so that BBC2 would seem more enticing to consumers. Lol journalism at it finest right? But then again I never really went to GameInformer for gems of wisdom or advice anyway.

But I gotta say Im glad that all this controversy is surrounding AVP and MAG. It shows people they really need to think for themselves and jump off the hype train.

PoSTedUP3664d ago

oh without a doubt i am on course to getting this game when it comes out. screw reviews. they gave army of two a 6.50 and its one of my fav games. it's all gaming politics that i will not get involved in.

ps2 generation i played so many cool games beause i didnt look at reviews, most of this gen i missed out on a lot of great games because i followed reviews and the media. NO MORE!

after i beat army of two i am going to play the new AVP and most likely enjoy it.

bjornbear3664d ago

this bothers me

I usually like GI but that review was horrible =/ AvP isn't 5.75

fine its not a 9.5 like BC2 but 5.75? i guess even the mighty fall =(

then again, it could be just this one reviewer (there are many)

lets hope this is only one bad stain in GI's review conduct =/

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