Wii Games In Development On Decline

Seems the honeymoon period is finally wearing off, as many gamers are put off by the very games that attracts a different audience and the past announcements that Sega and Capcom are no longer to make mature games for the Wii, and that Ubisoft is focusing on other consoles it comes as no great shock that the number of Wii games in development is in decline.

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Colonel-Killzone3201d ago

Well it would be annoying to make games for the highest userbase in the gaming market right now this generation. Wii wins in sales but in quality selling games it is lacking not saying it isn't a good console but the games are highly lacking i'm sorry but wii sports etc wouldn't interest me in buying the console. But its still a good console regardless it will be hard now for them to draw in consumers.

Maddens Raiders3201d ago

and so it begins....can't say that I ever regretted not owning one.

randomwiz3201d ago

The wii is lacking so much in quality titles that I have to admit that Wii Sports is one of the best wii titles out there.

Maddens Raiders3201d ago

so someone disagrees that ---> I regret not owning one? umm ok. xD

ChickeyCantor3201d ago

It would be more logical to say
"someone disagrees because i said "so it begins" ".

Just sayin.

Well As long i get the first party titles, we still have the PS3/360/Pc to fill in the other gaps.
Its interesting to see what will happen between now and 2012.

eagle213201d ago

I would buy another Wii if something happened to mine...nuff said. Happy Super Bowl. :)

BattleAxe3201d ago

The Wii is for kids and chicks, so its no wonder they can't make any money selling software on that console.

N4g_null3201d ago

First of all this is good news. Want me to tell you why.

First let me preface this by saying that the publishers and fanboys where wrong yet again. Shovel ware does not sell on the wii. Only good games sell. Most casuals will rent games before buying them unless they are sure it's a good game, example nintendo games. Now had ubi not trashed their image with these new comers maybe they could sell more games to them. Contray to popular belief shovel ware does not sell on the wii. Stores are actualy refusing to stock games from some of these publishers. Many of these shovelware guys will go out of buisness this year because of that. The bigger publisher will continue to use hype on the hd hardcore.

Yet we can breath easy as this year will see some strong compitition for best game on the wii this year. Plus a new platform is on the horizon! I'm not saying any thing ethier just know squae enix has seen it too. Wink wink....

I think all the shovelware guys are gearing up for hd motion controlls after seeing mw2 sales I think you guys will buy any thing with enough hype. Trophies for weight lost is going to be hilarious.

NSG3201d ago

You bring out some good points. I do think that a large part of the shift is because the HD controls that are to come to the Wii. Just a temporary slow down, followed by some more developing. I do think however that without the HD improv's on the way this could have potentially happened to the Wii regardless.

ZoidsRaven3201d ago

And women and children are invalid gamers? I wonder what the ps1/N64 user base consisted of? A bunch of teenagers looking for a blood fix, same goes for the last generation of gamers. 7_7

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TruthbeTold3201d ago

Come on now. The Wii may be losing developers over time since the tech is very outdated and limitations are more and more apparent and unappealing from a developer standpoint, but give credit where credit is due. Nintendo made a big comeback marketshare-wise, bought time while more of the world made the transition to HD, and made a crapload of money. As long as they don't wait too long to release their next console, and as Iwata says, has something to it that is more than just an HD upgrade that people will want, Nintendo will maintain dominance.

tunaks13201d ago

this is actually a good thing, maybe Ubisoft will stop shoving Imagine Babez down our throats.
I would much have the shelves empty and quality games like MH3 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom put on display.
It sickens me every time I open a catalog and I see games like Image Babez be advertised and not games like Tatsunoko vs Capcom or hell even the Conduit.

fatstarr3201d ago

same man, less crap on store shelves.
it sickens me as well. target had 99% shovel ware put out on Xmas eve
in an attempt to sell it. i only saw the legend of Zelda and call of duty reflex out. hopefully devs made their money and noticed silly people desperate parents and people not in the know and crying kids bought their games.

DigitalHorror813201d ago

The Babiez and Dogz and catz and all that other GARBAGE!

I second that ALL THE WAY! We never had this much CRAP on the old Super NES!

Swisskid153201d ago

If it means less shovelware then I'm all for it, if it means one or two quality games get dropped, but for that about 20 shovelware games, then sometimes sacrifices have to be made

DigitalHorror813201d ago

thanks to catering to casuals, the timing of this Nintendo Wii's death is now becoming more soon and more of a headshaker. If it weren't for the loads of shovelware that Nintendo allowed to grace the platform (Not to mention horrendously weak sales of M-rated games), it would have lasted longer than it was destined to. Course, it didn't help that it was a Gamecube with a Wii-mote, either.

I still love your SNES, Nintendo. But you did the hardcore gamers wrong in search of the glorious dollar chasing. Come on, Cold Stone Creamery for the Wii?


ChickeyCantor3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

"If it weren't for the loads of shovelware that Nintendo allowed to grace the platform "

Lets be fair here.
Nintendo wasn't really third party friendly in al those years.
Saying no this time would just scare the developers away again.
Just seems like a F up position their in.

"But you did the hardcore gamers wrong in search of the glorious dollar chasing."

Stop being so retarded, MS and Sony also want this kind of income.
These companies dont give a crap about us, they care about our wallets.

N4g_null3201d ago

Wow I had to lolat that one yet the wii can never beat all oh those hello kiddy games that came out on the ps2 lol. Leave to the hd guys to only see the crap games.

It's weird but you guys really are affect by this arn't you? Well your going to throw up in your mouth and drown when you see those games flooding your hd systems lol. I'm betting those games get better support also just so these gamers can try can pull their loved ones from the wii lol.

Man this gen is pretty sad. Hey but at least we are getting some sick games! I'll be glad when the shovelware dies on the shelf also. I'm so glad that nintendo made shovel ware obsolete with wii sports then they just let the market decide no need for a seal of quality word of mouth and playing is believe comes to mind.

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