European PlayStation Store gets update; Calling all Cars online

The European PlayStation Store received an update by Sony Computer Entertainment. PlayStation Network-users can now download various new games, including original PlayStation-games, and Calling all Cars. Calling all Cars costs 7,99 euro's.

See source for the other games that have been added to the European PlayStation Store.

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Shadow Flare4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

is still a great looking game. Its brilliant

Calling All Cars is really cool too


LeShin i strongly suggest buying Crash Bandicoot instead of Wipeout. I love wipeout 2097, i grew up on that game, but this is Wipeout 1 and it's kinda dry so far. Wipeout 2097 is far better. Crash on the other hand is absolutely brilliant. Looks and plays brilliant and has a good lifespan to it too. I downloaded both today, Wipeout is about 97MB and Crash is about 450MB. But i'd definately get Crash

Firewire4137d ago

Yeah Europeans should definitely get Calling all Cars, the game is loads of fun! On that note, I can't believe I got my butt kicked by a girl last night. She just killed me, I couldn't believe it! She stole every one of my damn prisoners, and then to boot, she starts taunting me!
We have a re-match scheduled for tonight, so I have to go train!
I feel like a disgrace!

LeShin4137d ago

lol good luck man.

Just downloaded calling all cars. It is very hectic and fun, took me awhile to adjust to the controls. Can't wait to play it online later tonight. Deciding whether to buy Crash or Wipeout.....

LeShin4137d ago

Hmmm.....maybe I will buy Crash Bandicoot. I too bought Wipeout 2097 when it first came out and loved it. I was thinking about buying the Wipeout as I only have ever played the demo of it.

JIN KAZAMA4137d ago

was just dumb. I dloaded it and deleted it a few days later. I dont see why people like it so much.

icechai4137d ago

it isn't exactly a deep game, its just a fun competitive arcade game that's really fun if you have a friend over or message your buddies to play with on PSN. Granted, it's nowhere near the level of something like Warhawk, but it wasn't meant to be. Now if they'd only optimize the network code a bit more so I can actually join most games like every other Sony title, I'd probably play it more (as it is, connecting to servers is hard, very few servers turn on the option of letting you join midgame as well).

akaFullMetal4137d ago

it looks and plays really well for a ps1 game

solidt124137d ago

its a fun small game and worth the few dollars it cost.

Pilko4137d ago

Woohoo! Thank you SCEE! Finally some progress, I love Crash just want to see CTR next. Now i've just gotta find some room on my PSP...