PSX Esxtreme: Fret Nice Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Although 2D platformers are dead in the world of current console software, they're very much alive in the realm of smaller digital downloads. They've also experienced a resurgence due to HD remakes of old classics that can be found on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace, so seeing an ambitious title like Fret Nice isn't too shocking. Essentially, if you take your standard side-scrolling platformer and implement a music-based mechanic (complete with guitar peripheral compatibility) and a kooky game design similar to that of Patapon, you get Fret Nice. It's certainly a good idea and one that works…to some extent. The problem is that Pieces Interactive didn't really take the next step and provide us with an engaging adventure; it just feels repetitive and a little incomplete. It's fun and relatively unique, though, and it's certainly more entertaining with a friend. The question is whether or not it's worth the $14.99 price tag and ultimately, that may be a judgment call on your part."

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