Mario's Pipeline – Top 5 in 5 – Co-Op games (Pre 2007)

Koku Gamer writes: "Co-op (or cooperative) games have been all the rage now and online play have been getting inundated with people teaming up to defeat a common enemy (or enemies as the case may be). But what about co-op gaming in the past? Many people are blissfully unaware of gaming before 1995."

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cain1413176d ago

Some fun games there...

WengYong3176d ago

Timesplitters 2 for me. Most fun I had playing Co-Op

Ziriux3176d ago

Thats a classic for me, just like many play counter strike still, I boot up TS 2 most of the time.

Ziriux3176d ago

Is it just me or does the taller dude with redish hair and glasses look like House lol.

fullmetal2973175d ago

My favorite co-op game to play was Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Nothing better than putting a terrorist to sleep only to have my buddy shoot him in the crotch. Good times!