All Upcoming XBOX 360 Games in 2010 UK

A complete list of all upcoming XBOX 360 games in release date order.

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Gimped Hardware3177d ago

i thought that it was 360 only now - well you learn something new everyday i guess........

The new thing i learnt yesterday was that MAG was more gimped than i at first thought.

Tommorow i hope to learn of some decent PS3 games coming out this year at some point - although i believe that knowledge will evade me

green3177d ago

There are a few mistakes in the article.Alan Wake is 360 only, Project Offset has been cancelled on consoles and Hydrophobia is now a 360 exclusive.

Gimped Hardware3177d ago

and not to be outdone it looks like the PS3 has a decent array of titles coming too.

Great time to be a gamer - perhaps, dare i say it, the best EVER year of gaming......