Why Toshiba was zapped by the Blu-Ray

"Rather than collaborate on the next standard for high capacity DVD they chose to fight a commercial war, which Toshiba lost last week when BlockBuster video decided to carry Blu-Ray only and ditch HD-DVD. The immediate aftermath of that decision was a large number of cancellations of HD-DVD player orders. It now remains for Sony to send in its troops to bayonette the wounded."

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Torch4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I have an honest, legitimate question:

Should blogs be deemed as newsworthy?

I'm always hesitant to approve such stories, because I have a hard time deciding whether they should be deemed a legitimate article or not.

If the majority believes that blogs are indeed worthy of publication, then so be it, and I'll proceed accordingly.

One thing that is interesting though, is the enormous wave of opinion that Blu-Ray has officially won the 'war' since Blockbuster's announcement. Because even if Blockbuster's decision has very little practical impact on HD formats, the resulting opinions and perceptions alone are enough to drive a stake through the heart of HD-DVD.

...Sort of like the how the media has the potential to single-handedly cause the stock market to crash by simply releasing unsubstantiated negative press, whereas in reality, the stock market's health may have have been just fine.

rjkc4189d ago

than what about the official ps3 blog or three speech should that get approved as news ?

Torch4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

By all means feel free to hit Disagree to your heart's content, but answer my friggin' question if you do so.

My statement was not an argument; it was a question.


I don't know. You tell me. That's what I want to know.

icechai4188d ago

I have never really considered blogs news either, although opinion pieces by established writers can be interesting editorial-type reads. Although updates from professional blogs I believe should be considered news as they come from the company itself.

Black Republican4189d ago

so I'm ready to buy a hd player now
blu-ray because i am now about 90% sure that will be the victor...
finally lol.

now we will see the flames about the hd dvd loosing and blu-ray winning and the x360 vs ps3 blah blah blah

but before anything let me state something, this does not affect the x360 in any way, this is something alot of ps3 fans fail to realize

D R Fz4189d ago

Now that its safe to say the HD battle is coming to an end, we can now all focus on what we know best--gaming. This summer and fall are packed full of hot releases for both the 360 and the ps3 that i would love more articles to focus on. And since E3 is on its way, i have a feeling that there are going to be many 1000 degree and above articles for that time period because of good news from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo concerning their consoles. It is definitely good to be a gamer and even better when you own all three.

Odion4189d ago

except that HD-DvD has already said they don't care

cdzie14189d ago

This is not news, this is opinion. HD DVD didn’t lose anything. Fact: Blockbuster rentals count for less than 1% of the business. Fact: HD DVD players are outselling Blu-Ray Players (excluding PS3). Look on’s best sellers, there are 2 HD DVD players ahead of the $499 Sony Blu-Ray player.

Also, Toshiba is the lead company, just like Sony is with Blu-ray, but there are hundreds of companies in the HD DVD camp, including the group that is responsible for the original DVD format.

cdzie14188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

You can’t include PS3 because only a certain percentage of PS3 buyers are using it for movies. When someone buys a standalone player (or dedicated XBOX 360 attachment) you know they are buying it for movies.

The fact is in the movie sales. If you include PS3, the Blu-ray sell rate is approx 1 movie per player. On HD DVD the sell rate is 4 movies per player. This is data the studios pay attention to. Granted, Q1 2007 had a lot better Blu-ray movies come out and this was the data Blockbuster used to make their decision. But May and June have been excellent months for HD DVD and they are outselling Blu-ray. The war is not over!

Also, Toshiba sells approx 10 million laptops each year and this fall, all have HD DVD and an HDMI port. This is about the same as someone buying a PS3 because not all laptop buyers will buy movies. So think about it: if the laptop sales offset the PS3 sales and that is a wash, you go back to standalone players, where Toshiba is dominating.

GeneYus4188d ago

When you sign up for your PS3 network account they send you a questionaire and there are several questions that have to do with Blu Ray. How much interest you have in the format, if you've already heard of it, if you plan to purchase any films in the format, etc. I guarantee you that Sony is using that data with their partners to determine how well Blu Ray is going to do. As for Toshiba Laptops, those will be easily countered by Dell laptops which will be including Blu Ray. You have good points, but you're only seeing one side of the arguement. Sony is not dumb, they know what they are doing, they've lost enough format wars to get one right for once. Granted there is still a chance to lose, but by the end of the year, the PS3 is going to be showing some truely impressive games and I think Blu Ray will solidify its win with the release of exclusives like Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, Simpsons Movie, etc. etc. The summer of blockbusters is pretty exclusive to Blu Ray... Like I said, they could still lose, but its looking more and more likely that they're going to win this one.

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