Heavy Rain Gameplay (Or Should I Say Lack of..)

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Nick2120044085d ago

This game is definitely going to be interesting!

Nick2120044085d ago

Didn't they ban it in Australia? LMFAO

FACTUAL evidence4085d ago

The author of this article is a fail troll to the 5th power. This demo had me amped man. I loved shelby's playthrough. It's amazing how you can really choose your path. I need the full retail version now!!


gave it a 9.5 and thats a magazine iv'e followed for years i couldn't care less about what any other reviewer or website says they're hating because they're jealous, hate they're jobs/wish they were talented enough to be game developers and they'll go to almost any lenth to dis-credit these unique games. If you want un-biased gaming reviews i suggest you go to GAMEINFORMER, they always have really interesting reviews, previews and interviews, And the occasional joke articles and sections lol. really nice =)

Jamie Foxx4085d ago

It shows you those (like the author) who are stuck on mcdonalds an refuse to try anything else and those that don't mind the occosional upperclass type of meal.

This is not a game that you would see on the xbox due to the demographic of 360 users are young 'argh shoot everything that moves' kind of gamer, the ps3 is a more cultured console for adults thus niche titles like will always find a home. Even games like mass effect 2 have lost its rpg genre and become more of a tps just to suit the 360 audience I've nearly clocked it and I'm sorry me2 is not an rpg.

I've heard gamers moaning that r2 is a chore to walk it just shows you how dumbed down games have become for gamers if r2 is too hard to walk yet you don't mind pressing it in racing games....go figure

Heavy rain demo impressed the hell outta me an I for one don't mind oysters occassionally

Blaze9294085d ago

1st of all - omg wtf is up with the capture device used in this video!? That is terrible footage.

2nd - does Lauren remind you all of the female from The Casting tech demo?

morganfell4085d ago

Once again the gamerabcess is out fishing for hits. Sensationalism is not journalism. What's next? Question marks in the title?

A Cupcake for Gabe4085d ago

It is the same

This is where the "Movie" aspect makes it's interesting approach. She was auditioning for the lead, but was "too tall for the part" remember? But it's nice to see here get a role in this Game/Movie/Genre Redefining Experience.

Demo is a 9/10 IMO. cause of some glitching and that it's an old build. I am sure this will be a 9.5 when it comes out. I am ready for the adventure.

Blaze9294085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Nah it's not the same girl. The one from The Casting was named Mary Smith. Plus she had a very distinguished accent. They probably just based Lauren of her model and modified her a bit that's all. When I started the demo I was like wtf...she looks familiar. I thought it was definitely her though until I watched The Casting again.

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blind-reaper4085d ago

Man yesterday I played the demo at my friend's house (because I'm just too lazy to search for the download code) and it's AMAZING, I thought I would be bored by the qte but the fight with the bald/tattoed guy it can be pretty intense and the story seems pretty interesting too, I can't wait to play the full game.

HighDefinition4085d ago

Just because Heavy Rain isn`t YOUR type of game, doesn`t mean the GAMEPLAY isn`t GAMEPLAY.

Udidntlistenpunk4085d ago

Did you see how intense and dark and atmospheric this game is. Omg how can any game match this.

This is the future of gaming. Every action has a consequence. I mean REAL CONSEQUENCES. Not some lamo "but but but it will have effect in the next installment" type of nonsense that you just know is a lie.

N4Flamers4085d ago

This game had one of the more realistic fights I've ever played through. It all just draws you in to the game. The detective work was fun. Did you guys know there was a dead cat on the train tracks. Could be significant?

This demo not only had plenty of gameplay but replayability. i went through it 4 times all ready.

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-Alpha4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

It's so annoying when personal opinion goes into an article title.


Actually, you are right. I suppose it's easy to be offended by the title, but it's not stating anything wrong. I'll take it light-heartedly, though I can see the paranoia that the title will create.

pimpmaster4085d ago

well its true ,this is really an interactive movie, not a game

Jinxstar4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

I really enjoyed the demo. Even if the game "Flops"(As many 360 fans on here seem to think it will) I will at least get to experience it. Looks amazing and feels right... Except the walking is a little wonky but otherwise I really like it. Knocking on all the doors and being a Dbag is fun =D. I hope it does well though. It deserves it over so many other games. Just too bad there is so much coming out that people have to pick and choose...

KiRBY30004085d ago

could you give me your definition of a game please? im curious.

pimpmaster4085d ago

@ KiRBY3000

is there something wrong with an interactive movie? i actually like that thought.

Baba19064085d ago

lol "interactive movie". who decided that interactive movies are movies and not games. i mean it does everything a game does. so why is this a movie? how about calling it a storybased game instead of an interactive movie.

Kakihara4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

When I was one of only two or three metal fans in my school back in the 90's I'd hear, 'That's not music' from all of the little fashion followers. Nowadays they're all listening to music that's nothing but a watered down rehash of the stuff I was listening to back then.

Once you slap a label onto something, 'movie' 'game' 'music' whatever, it gives you an excuse to stop thinking about it and file it away in your mind with other movies/games etc. If people couldn't immediately label this game as a 'playable movie' or 'story driven game' they might have to spend a little longer studying it and thinking about what it actually is. People don't like to do that kind of thing.

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So Easy I Can Do It4085d ago

not for your average gamer. I love it.

Nick2120044085d ago

I love games that are unique. I never said I am not looking forward to the game, as I am actually psyked to play it. Just because I said it will be interesting does not mean I have anything against it. You might want to check your definition of "unique" before judging someone based off of their statement.

Black Maverick4085d ago

Average Gamer: "Where's the shooting? This sucks. :("

Me: Went and replayed Indigo Prophecy in anticipation of this game, and now I'm even more psyched after playing the demo. It's going to be a great game no matter what anyone else says. :)

shadowT4085d ago

The demo is great! Can't wait.

likeaboss3024085d ago

To me it's more of an interactive story than a game. I found the demo fun to play and looking forward to the full release.