In the Dante's Inferno vs. God of War Matchup, Pick Kratos for the Win

Dante's Inferno, developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts, is about to hit store shelves. Ever since the game was revealed there has been endless comparisons to a little game everyone, who hasn't been living under a rock, has heard of, God of War. EA's Chief Executive Officer, John Riccitiello, has been clear that new IP, such as Dante's Inferno, are vital to the company's success. The question on everyone's mind remains, will Dante's Inferno be able to stand against the God of War III juggernaut?

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MAR-TYR-DOM4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

i know review scores are personal opinion but from what ive played of DI, i would rather go play the demo of GOW3 than that game. So you know my position on GOW3 full game verse DI. No match!




deadreckoning6664369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

WOW, what a biased article. Gaming journalism at its worst.

Edit: Why is it that when Kratos wins a "whos better contest", no one complains, but when Greg Miller says that Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted 2, theres an uproar?

ValkyriaChronic4369d ago

Because they're in different genres...

SnuggleBandit4369d ago


Its also pretty clear based on early reviews that GOW is a definite notch or two (or three) above dante.

Mass effect and uncharted are both a 96 on meta, plus they are different genres...which one you like more will be based on your own preferences.

SilentNegotiator4369d ago

Quit playing dumb, deadreckoning, you KNOW the difference.
GOW3 is going to be MILES ahead of Dante's Inferno.
Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2 have gotten similar ratings.
They're also different genres and neither are blatantly ripping off the other (Or at all).

I'm not getting Dante's Inferno. The gameplay is okay, but it's not worth supporting a soul-less clone for a GOW3 warmup.

OmegaSlayer4369d ago

I'm in the third Malebolgia in Dante's Inferno.
The game is quite solid, an 8-, but it can't even try to play catch up with God Of War 2.
And I'm not talking about graphics, I talk about gameplay, game design and wow factor.
The controls are responsive yet a bit clunky and the game needed about twice more camera points.
The graphic is good but way inferior to GOW3 demo, especially regarding the lighting and the animation.
The setpieces are epic but they're not used with good effort.

What's really bad are the cutscenes, since the image quality is really baaaaaaaaad.

The story is good, and it's wonderful/awesome how much they managed to screw the original poem.

Anyway, a game that deserves to be played, even if it can become frustrating, due to the bad cameras, and the fact that when you respawn you have to gather again all the items you got before dying.

Maybe 8- is too much, but well, I feel generous today.

MastaMold4369d ago

I've played both demos to me GOW3 is going to be epic. Now DI feels good but to much like GOW.

I have played that GOW3 demo so many times I lost count and from the new screenshots that have

came out and seen my money goes to GOW3 day 1.

Montrealien4369d ago

This one is pretty simple, Dante's Inferno is a good game, and I am rather enjoying it. And, next month, by the time God of War comes out, well, guess what, I will be one with Dante's inferno and I will play God of War.

I am pretty sure that God of War will be better, but that does not make Dante's Inferno any less good.

sikbeta4369d ago

"In the Dante's Inferno vs. God of War Matchup, Pick Kratos for the Win"


....We all Know Kratos has NO competition....


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SilentNegotiator4369d ago

"God of War 3 is what all true warriors strive for"
"Great! I'll grab my Blades of Chaos"

Hardedge4369d ago

It's obvious who will win lol.

And it'll be by an olympian landslide.

Still, DI sounds like a fun alternative to GoW.

mephman4369d ago

It's not too bad, but it's nothing to shout about.

tiamat54369d ago

If DI plays like the demo than GOW 3 wins hands down. Its Infamous and Prototype all over again.

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