How Infamous vs. Prototype Is Now Dante's Inferno vs. God Of War 3

Last year, many gamers were looking forward to either Infamous, Prototype, or both. Looking at the present, it is clear history is repeating itself. In December, many had clearly taken their sides. Who would win in both battles?

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Ninji3179d ago

With the PS3 exclusive winning.

blitz06233179d ago

God of War 3 -> Infamous
Dante's Inferno -> Prototype

DailyAddict3178d ago

Not sure I'd really agree with this seeing as how God of War games have been critically acclaimed, whereas Dante's Inferno is getting between 6-7's from most major publications. At least with Prototype and Infamous they both saw pretty good reviews (with Infamous being higher overall).

Christopher_Walken3179d ago

And God of War will most likely trounce Dante's Inferno.

lovestospoodge3178d ago


on topic:


NSG3178d ago

haha Most likely. I'm open to seeing both titles, but God of War MORE THAN LIKELY will be better than Dante's Inferno. More than likely a better way to put it?

LordMarius3179d ago

One difference is that inFAMOUS vs Prototype was coincidental, both were announced around the same time without knowing of each other.

while God of War vs. Dante's Inferno is clearly EA trying to catch in on the God of War success

ipwnall3179d ago

Prototype borrowed heavily from it's predecessor, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. But doing that clearly didn't help them.

keysy4203179d ago

the difference is that god of war is established and infamous wasn't. but teh difference will tell the same tell great game vrs avg. dantes will be avg and god of war will be epic. still doesnt matter, people will buy dantes and try to swear its better than god of war and the truth is that they will be mad when they find out that god of war is ten times better than dante's. still that is what happens when you get a crowd of people that decide that a system which is better (not software wise) is a waste of there time. or however these fan boys see the ps3. still in the end we know that time and quality was put into god of war

jkhan3178d ago

People are getting it wrong & it's totally unfair to compare GOW3 to Dante's Inferno. After all Dante's Inferno didn't ripped off GOW 3 it tried to rip off GOW 1. Thing is calling it a GOW ripoff is actually praising it. My problem with Dante's Inferno is that it's missing the set piece moments, story, narration, production values and puzzles that made GOW series as one of the best games of all time. It just doesn't have the WOW factor that GOW 1 & 2 had. Plus GOW 3 now has unfair pressure to produce something very remarkable because of this game. Because fanboys will attack GOW3 saying that it doesn't do anything new and blah blah with even playing it. All will be clear on 12th Feb when we see what GOW3 is all about.

Chubear3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

DI didn't just ripoff GoW1. It ripped off GoW1,2,CoO & things seen in GoW3 demos 'till this point.

It was blatant and I must say I've been a little proud of most gaming sites (yes, a first for me in a long time) not giving an obvious case of boardline plagiarism 9s & 10s no matter how well it was made. That's a sure way to kill gaming future and even threaten their own jobs and lively hoods in the industry in the long run.

It is a well made game but ripoffs so blatant must never be in the least bit be encouraged I'd say.

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