Review Busters: MAG Review

The first hour or two of MAG will probably be rather frustrating. Yeah, the training will show you how to move around and shoot stuff, but it won't show you how to really be good at the game. But despite the flaws, MAG is a FPS experience like no other.

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happy_gilmore3202d ago

check out the bad company 2 demo. low res textures everywhere and it's pop-up galore. mag looks great for a 256 player game.

younglj013202d ago

Lol and guess what Im not talking about 256 players because its alot more to this game then you think.

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ChozenWoan3201d ago

Men understand that they can accomplish anything by working together.
Boys THINK that they can accomplish anything by their own strength.

Man Up!
Mic Up!
Make something blow Up!

pixelsword3202d ago

...but SVER for tha conquest.

ChozenWoan3201d ago

Looking only for the best and the brightest...
... or at least those with a mic. lol ;P