Five Blockbusters Sony Failed To Properly Advertise

Ah PS3, the console with some of the most amazing titles ever forged. FPS, Action-Adventure, RPGs, JRPGs, Platformers, MAG, Heavy Rain, All bigs games no? Indeed, Sony has managed, over the years, to bring some of the best gaming experiences to owners of its flagship console – but there's a problem:

They don't sell as well as they could and should. They just don't. Sony could have made tens of millions more if only it'd put more advertising effort in some of its biggest franchises. Mind you, the giant does that for almost all of its first party games, but these five are the most outstanding.

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respawnaction3176d ago

I love how "gamers" and "trainees" are allowed to report.

Godmars2903176d ago

If MAG is suffering from anything, its that alot of reviewers based their opinions on the beta and not the full game.

WKC probably needed more time in development. Looking at the very first trailer, seeing characters actually interacting in combat and not just whacking each other like in MMOs, if they had been able to deliver than alone it would have been something major.

movements3176d ago

From the beginning of this generation up to this very day, Sony has not done a good job with advertising.

Yes they're trying harder but it's still weak compared to MS's efforts.

RememberThe3573175d ago

Everyone I know loves them. They haven't advertised well in the past but SCEA has been doing really well lately.

Godmars2903175d ago

The only thing MS does is put their logo at the end of someone else's commercials.

Though that obviously seems to be enough.

movements3175d ago

@Remember, Yeah, so what happened to MAG? Or White Knights?

I saw nothing.

gameseveryday3175d ago

All i see is the difference of visuals between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 2.! ND ftw!

movements3175d ago

both great games, now legendary experiences!

GSpartan7773175d ago

WKC is no where near as good as most PS3 out there and it never looked like it was going to be a big deal so I do not know why the article would even mention it.

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