BioShock "3 Ways" Gameplay

Both the creative director and level builder of Irrational Games sit down and have another look at BioShock. They give you an exclusive look at three ways to clear a room. Follow the link over to or just check it out below.


I've noticed that there has been much confusion over the exclusivity of BioShock so I will clear it up right now. Just follow the link below and read very carefully and you shouldn't miss what I have been stating throughout this news topic.

This information comes straight out of the Official Playstation Magazine so it is all legit and isn't another "forum post". Forget what you've heard or thought because BioShock is none other than a timed exclusive.

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tony4135d ago

that's what i call innovation. playing the same game many times with different approach. nice

TheFamilyGuy4135d ago

I definitely don't think being able to play it different ways makes it innovative. There are plenty of games where you can choose to be stealthy, use brute force, or any other method to complete a stage.

To me I think this game is more innovative with its environment. Being able to do things like light the oil on fire to burn enemies, having this big city to explore, having enemies try to jump in water when they are on fire, etc.

DirtyRat4135d ago

I dont want to watch anymore boishock teasers/trailers/intereviews lol, by the time the game comes out I'll be so tired of it I won't buy it!


Only Joking, Bioshock news, gimme more! Lovin it.

PS360PCROCKS4135d ago

meant for PS3 as well huh? Please explain why you moron.

Douche4135d ago

It's a timed exclusive. It's coming to the PS3 also later on. Hence me stating, "the PS3 as well." Keep up with me please. I don't appreciate this petty name calling btw.

Contra264135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

It's not good to claim such things as timed exclusives.
If it is a timed exclusive... It should be an official statement from the game devs....

Other then that... Don't claim such Rumors. It will give others the wrong idea.


Douche4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Here's proof pricks.

I wonder if you guys are just trying to spite me or if you are really that stupid. How about you keep with the current from now on, OK?

Xi4135d ago

it could be heading to the ps3, you're taking a rumor and making it fact. I hear mgs4 could be coming to the 360 therefore it's a timed exclusive.

Wait to you hear from devs you moron.

PS360PCROCKS4135d ago

Sorry about the name calling, I apologize it was immature and petty. But the point is the same, it's a rumor and so it should not be classified as or put under "PS3" It's the same as MGS

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i rule4135d ago

i hate it when people pull rumors and speculation ou of their ass, and pass cit off as fact

Douche4135d ago

I don't accept apologies from dumbasses.

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The story is too old to be commented.