Possible MW2 Double Exp Points

Earlier this week, fourzerotwo (Infinity Ward Staff) stated on his twitter page, that the MW2 community may receive double experience points to celebrate the upcoming patch for the game.

You can view the re-tweet right here, or you can click the link below for the full story on X360A forums.

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Sm0k3y_Bac0n3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Anyone still playing this game? Or have most people moved onto BFBC2 Beta/MAG?

jammy_703177d ago

as good as mw2? thou i like mw2 its just 2 laggy :@

HOSe3177d ago

i found the bfbc2 demo boring and gunplay lackluster... played it for 5 minutes, thought it was already, after that - boring

ASSASSYN 36o3177d ago

That should motivate the MW2 glitchers, and hackers exponentially.