ResumePlay Preview: The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

ResumePlay writes, "'It's not over 'til you've gobbled each and every cobbler' states the subtitle under the header screenshot. Little is known about this upcoming XBLA title, published by 2K Play and developed by indie studio, The Odd Gentlemen, other than the point is to find and consume pie. Yes, the most versatile baked good is the focal point of this puzzle/platformer."

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mau643203d ago

Yet another game for me to look out for... Love XBLA.

brandynevils3203d ago

Looks like it could be fun... hopefully it is.

VenerableBmoney3203d ago

Looks like it should rival Braid, one of XBLA best-sellers and best-reviewed. I heard about this game a year ago and knew right away I had to get it! Next week!