Alien vs. Predator First Impressions |

Rebellion struck gold in 1999 with the release of their highly regarded Alien vs. Predator game which at the time stood as proof that a movie property can be well translated into video games with the right developers behind it.

Many properties ripe for a solid movie to video game translation have come and gone with only half baked results – Terminator being a perfect example. With such awesome source material to draw from there's no good reason why we still don't have anything worth playing on that front.

Fast approaching retail the Alien vs Predator reboot has a pretty stunning legacy to live up to. Having spent some time with the demo do things appear to be on the right track with Rebellion's latest efforts or will this space bug have hatched too soon?

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Keyan Reid3202d ago

I didn't like the 360 demo....but I'm hoping the full game is much more robust.

likeaboss3023202d ago

The PC demo feels like they took the 1999 game and put a fresh coat of paint on it. It was good back then but doesn't hold up well now.

cobhatecrew3202d ago

if the demo didnt have cod matchmaking and had dedicated servers and more modes it would be freaking awesome (pc version)

3202d ago