Top 25 Playstation One Games Of All Time's top 25 Playstation One games.

Some of the best Playstation One games of all time have been revealed, some games obscure, others known by the millions, nevertheless its strongly recommended you give this a read, and consider giving these a play.

The Playstation One has one of the biggest game libraries known, which shamefully comprises of much more bad games than good. Throughout the thousand of Playstation One games, there are a few that have shone through, and these are 25 of the best. Comprising of my favourite Playstation One games of all time, hate or love the list, we all have our own opinions.

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Miraak82 3202d ago

hmmmm no Xenogears,,, Chrono Cross... or Legend of Dragoon.........FAIL!!!!!!

young juice3202d ago syphon filter either.

im sorry, but when you forget one of the best ps1 franchises.


Blaze9293202d ago

Wow speaking of Syphon Filter, wtf is up Sony!? Where's our PS3 version!?

And yeah surprised that wasnt added. But this is's opinion.

aprone3202d ago

And no Soul Reaver!!! That's the game that sold me on playstation.

A Cupcake for Gabe3202d ago

Where the fvck is Oddworld: Abe's Odysee & Exoddus?
Or Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross, Spyro, Syphon Filter, Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, Grind, or any of the better games than this terrible FAIL of a list.

KiRBY30003202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

-Spyro series
-Syphon Filter
-Final Fantasy 9
-Ace Combat 2
-Abe's Odyssee 1 & 2
-Cool Boarders 3
-Parappa the Rapper
-Fear Effect
-ISS Pro Soccer games
-Soul Reaver
-Motortoon Gran Prix 2
-Silent Hill
-Tomb Raider
-Vigilante 8
-WipEout series
-Ridge Racer Type 4
-Vandal Hearts
-Chrono Cross

the PS1 had so many awesome games, its a given that a top 25 isnt gonna be enough...

Rush3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I wasn't a fan of final fantasy 9 its by far the most generic game in the series. When I look back I remember how much fun I had playing FF7/8 I don't have any memory's of 9.

The only thing that game really had in common with other final fantasy entry's is the name Cid and Chocobos.

I think it most likely started its life as a different square game later to be renamed FF9. So honestly why its clearly not a bad game infact it's quite good it doesn't deserve top 15 in my books.

Maybe it would make 25 though, Although this is clearly a main stream games list or Suikoden 2 would be top 10 easy.


Cool Boarders!!!!! man I used to love that game I think I was more into 2 myself.

SaiyanFury3201d ago

Not a bad list. Some I agree with and some I don't. These kinds of articles are ultimately opinion pieces. Yes some glaring omissions in the guise of amazing JRPGs were left out, but I think the author was trying to be open to all genres. I could easily make my own 25 list. Lord knows the original PS has thousands of games in a plethora of genres that any number of people could make up their own lists. This was the author's and you shouldn't fault him for that. Make up your own list and enjoy it. For me, the original PS was the best console of all time simply because of the sheer diversity of experiences in all genres. JRPGs, FPS games, third person action/adventures, the original PS had something for everybody. Enjoy it for what it was and is (if you still play those games). I do and I still love my original PS. :)

Theonik3201d ago

FFVII must be one of the most overrated games ever... This list fails.

Ravage273201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

bubs for bringing up Bugs Bunny:Lost in Time. i was about to give up on the genre after the horrible Jersey Devil, thank god Bugs showed up and changed everything :p (i bought Crash3:Warped soon after and it became my favourite PS1 game)

Some games that should have made the list imo: TwistedMetal,ParasiteEve,Vigil ante8,Wipeout ,DinoCrisis and...........where the hell is Legend of Dragoon? I would have put it slightly below FF8 and above FF7.

sikbeta3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

MY List:

2·GT 1+2
3·All RE Games
4·All the crash bandicoot Games
5·All FF Games
6·Syphon Filter
10·Chrono Cross
12·Metal Slug 1+2

ico923201d ago

How MGS is number 2 yet the overrated FF7 is number 1 is beyond me perasonaly i thought FF8, Xenogears , chrono cross and vagrant story kicked the sh!t out of FF7.

bruddahmanmatt3201d ago

Twisted Metal 2, Final Fantasy Tactics and the original Syphon Filter trilogy all say "hi". This list is so full of FAIL it's not even funny.

Dev8 ing3201d ago

2 games that I really liked playing when friends were over were Thrill Kill and Poy Poy. They are probably polar opposites to one another.


i want to hunt them down...

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Pandamobile3202d ago

Yeaaah. Die Hard Trilogy. I remember playing that game when I was like 6.

Max Power3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

that game was the sh!t...then again the only game that I couldn't get far in the was the third one, but the first and second ones were fantastic. Actually I am watching the first movie on blu-ray right now.

theusedfake3202d ago

no parasite eve or xenogears :(

hetz153202d ago

yea, no Parasite Eve. That game is a gem I think. I really love the storyline. I think 15 of my 25 top PS1 games are all RPG lol. oh yea, also no Megaman Legends. Capcom needs to make the third one.

CaitSith3202d ago

I used to be such a pro with Jin and Captain Commando.

Good times. =D

I agree with the top five, it's pretty spot on with my all-time PS1 games of all time.

sikbeta3201d ago

Great Game, I used to be The Master when I played with Captain Commando + War Machine just for doing that semi-dash air combo with WM my day was Complete lol

Gamers FTW!!!

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