Xtremeps3: Heavy Rain Demo Impressions

Xtremeps3: "Before playing Heavy Rain I was quite skeptical of the game. It was something that was never done before in a game and the story was said to be deeper than your typical game. Director David Cage has stated that Heavy Rain would be "a very dark film noir thriller with mature themes", and that "the real message [of the game] is about how far you're willing to go to save someone you love."

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nogolis4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Silogon's Heavy Lame Demo impressions --> It sucked... Bad. I have vacume cleaners that suck less than this. I've seen dime store hookers in vegas that wouldn't suck this hard if you paid them.

Heavy Rain is going to tank and it deserves to do so. QD put in the least ammount of effort in making a game and about a half ass attempt at making a low budget movie you'd see on Sy-Fy.. And what's this never been done before junk bunk? Play Shadow of Destiny for Ps2 or PC. Tell me this hasn't been done before. It has. Hell, QD even took actual events from Shadow of Destiny for Heavy Rain. The clown selling balloons... That was in Shadows of Destiny, only it was a Mime Juggler. This is infringment of the highest order.

mrv3214086d ago

I guess they didn't dumb it down enough.

Your the sort of person that liked Avatars story and likend it to America and Iraq.

Thankfully us with taste and enough IQ to register complex emotions and feeling correctly will enjoy the game.

I hope to god you enjoy generic run of the mill FPS's because I fear anything more complicated might put you in a permanent state of confusion.

Cyrax_874086d ago

I find it funny that nogolis claims to only own a PS3 and does nothing but rip on its games. Maybe you should sell it and buy a 360? You definately seem like the type of "gamer" who prefers to run around tea bagging people.

prettyboy14086d ago

nobody cares what u think its a new experience and very much welcomed

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mrv3214086d ago

MGR how is this 'OLD' seeing as the demo only recently came out.

The article is dated the 6th

davekaos4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

This is what bungie wrote on the site

"Well now that i look at them i can clearly say that the PS3 is showing his age , they look bad , really bad textures and low poly . Mabe Japan should get some American tech to achieve high quality visuals like all the masterpieces on the Xbox 360."

I have met some idiots in my life and though i have not met you and i never want to, I can easily say you have got to be the biggest idiot on the internet.
I'm sure others will agree too.
for those who disagree you fall into the same category as Bungie

II-Reaper-II4086d ago

Just played the demo.Amazing game and an amazing experience.

A Cupcake for Gabe4086d ago

I played the SLEAZY ROOM scene 3 times, and each time it was a little different. I waited a little bit the last time before reentering the room and oh boy that chick's face was bruised to hell.

mp12894085d ago

@davekaos...don't waste your time, we already know people like this exist and will never change.

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PimpHandHappy4086d ago

Oh my God both of these games looks like crap! i am glad i have Mass Effect 2 on the 360 , the console for real gamers.ç
Those screenshoots are for the Wii?

lol what a fewl

Nitrowolf24086d ago

ya i notice him and bungie on there

The real killer4086d ago

LOL, you call a 360 for real gamers.
The 360 is so limit, Mass Effect 2 is example and people like you call Mass effect 2 a RPG LOL.

RagTagBnd4454085d ago

You are not funny :P
Oh, and by the way Mass Effect 2 IS an RPG.

PopEmUp4085d ago

I love mass effect but I'm not sure about the rpg in the game except I feel the game more of a third person shooting XD

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Jinxstar4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Really enjoyed the demo. Had to make an EU account and it was worth it. Gonna replay indigo next week.

FYI the site has some annoying pop ups

Pandamobile4086d ago

Some of the voice acting is kinda bad. Other than that this looks awesome.

peeps4085d ago

yeh i agree. i was still really getting into the story but yeh i'm really surprised the voice acting wasn't better, particulary when the woman says 'i don't think you know what it is like mr shelby...' etc that line just seems really odd lol

bjornbear4085d ago

but considering the game is almost always full of dialogue, i can let some poor dialogue so as long as the general dialogue is spot on, and it is =D the detective's voice is awesome =)

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