Interview: Wayne Shiu, Sega Brand Manager, on Resonance of Fate gameplay and world.

Resonance of Fate, or End of Eternity as it is titled in Japan, is a curious semi-real time RPG from tri-Ace, the developers behind the Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean series. It's battle system seems like an interesting cross between Valkyrie Profile, Eternal Sonata, and Shadow Hearts. Wayne Shiu, Sega's Brand Manager for Resonance of Fate, walked this writer through the games' battle system and World Map during Sega's press event in New York City.

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Raoh3174d ago

i liked the demo, even though it was in japanese i didnt understand most of it but i got the figured out the gameplay

it was actually a cool jrpg, i thought it was a cross between Persona Series and StrangleHold