Top 5 Most Overlooked Playstation 3 Exclusives

The Playstation 3 has plenty of great exclusive games. Unfortunately, some of those titles don't get the recognition (in terms of sales) they deserve.

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Megaton4086d ago

Heavenly Sword. Bashed for being short, but the game is ace.

FACTUAL evidence4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

No site had anything bad to say about heavenly sword, the only thing they could think of was " it's too short! braw braw braw!". But leave it to MW2's campaign and it's all good, superb. Til this day, i still think Heavenly sword has some of the best facial animations to this day..not even UC2 competes with HS's facial animations sad to say. Anways, it's funny because I'm playing demon's souls right now. XD

Jikla4086d ago

The game is fun and the voice acting and lip syncing is friggin amazing.

znu4086d ago

I agree with you, that heavenly sword was awesome

but i disagree with the modern warfare 2 diss up there, which included a multiplayer component and spec ops, which were both great

the reason eye of judgement didn't sell was becuz the card game was boring, they should've taken an existing franchise (such as magic or yugioh) and made that virtual instead... so atleast ppl understood the game

UnwanteDreamz4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Good list. I really agree with the #1 pick. I only saw like 4 or 5 people on my friends list play Demon Souls and I thought it was a shame. I take every chance to talk up Demon Souls. Great game!


Yep I couldn't believe it came to the US like it did.

"Warhawk used the SIXAXIS gimmick but actually used it well (though I still can't fly Warhawks for crap)"

I feel your pain. I got some friends who make it look soo easy too.

-Alpha4086d ago

I think everybody was surprised at how WELL Demon's Souls sold. First of all, it was a miracle they localized it here, and on top of that Atlus underestimated the number of sales since I do believe they shipped less than it was demanded.

It is still an overlooked game and I wish Sony could advertise it. It really is a crown jewel to the PS3.

I think Warhawk would also make a good addition to this list. Eye of Judgment was really gimmicky, Warhawk used the SIXAXIS gimmick but actually used it well (though I still can't fly Warhawks for crap)

mal_tez924086d ago

Easily the best game on PS3, yt it was so underrated and underappreciated

Reibooi4086d ago

I think 1 and 2 should be reversed. Both incredible games to be sure but Demons Souls is more well known in my opinion. Before the game got it's US release it was being masively hyped by ATLUS and RPG fans alike and as a result ALOT of people bought it. To the point that the game was sold out at almost everywhere at one point and ATLUS had to print more copies.

Valkyria on the other hand came out and was utterly passed by. 90% of gamers didn't even know what it was and it wasen't until much later that the series began to get traction thanks to the anime spreading the word and Sega make a BIG push to get there series out into the open.

Either way both incredible games and a good list overall.

Obama4086d ago

VC is the most epic jrpg so far this gen. Epic gameplay, epic story, epic character development. I played it through 3 times.

Method4086d ago

Demon's Souls is the better game, but Valkyria Chronicles is definitely more overlooked. You can pick it up for $20 new now a days.

redsquad4086d ago

Brilliant game, and Anna Torv's voice melts my heart...:)

Jamegohanssj54086d ago

I still need to pick up VC and Folklore. I know I could get both for aboot 20 bucks, but I don't think aboot buying games too much.


darthv724086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

I have heard really good things about heavenly sword. All I played was the demo when I got my ps3. Same for uncharted. Both are quality titles. Right now my attention is turned towards finishing resistance 1/2 and killzone 2 and R&C. GoW3 is just around the corner so I hope I will find some time to go back to the first gen PS3 greats.

sikbeta4086d ago


Totally Agree, UC is Simply Awesome, Add to that one, Heavenly Sword, Valkyria Chronicles and Folklore

DaTruth4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

There's a new copy of Beyond Good and Evil at my EB. $14.99

Not sure how that happened.

garos824085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

the only good parts i enjoyed of that game was the catapult level against the sieging hordes and the Kai parts with the crossbow/sixaxis.

it was indeed too short also.

also the the acting and voice work was nothing short of spectacular. Andy Serhkis' performance is my favorite voice over in a game followed very close by Samuel L Jackson in San Andreas

*Edit does anybody know any info about possible EU release of Demon Souls? i really would love to pick it up. it sounds great

meluvulongtime4085d ago

I own all of them except EoJ. agree with all the titles except maybe eye of judgement. I'd switch that for Heavenly Sword. Heavenly Sword was a great game and I really enjoyed the sixaxis controls. controlling your projectiles was so fun. It got bashed so hard just because it was short. I wish Folklore would have done full voice acting throughout the game instead of text too.

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nogolis4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

I agree 100% with 3 & 4... 2 of the best games I've played this gen all together. Siren is how, to a blinding T, a horror game should be conducted. It has pace and build up... Not everything is in your face action. Not everything is coming for you 100% of the time. Sometimes you don't face anything but your own fear.

UnwanteDreamz4086d ago

Damn Nogolis you should write a review. You got me wanting to play Siren.

reaferfore204086d ago

I agree with the suspense aspect. I played the demo and almost bought it but the controls bothered me. I might have to check it out sometime tho...

MajestieBeast4086d ago

Im ashamed to say i still havent played it cause every store i go nobody has it.

kanetheking4086d ago

if u ever see folklore buy it's g8

gamingisnotacrime4086d ago

I have 1-3, and those games are AMAZING.
PS3 owners owe themselves to dig out these precious gems and play the heck out of them.

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