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RespawnAction: "After experiencing MAG and going back to another first person shooter, I feel like MAG has really raised the bar, and that other FPS' are now missing something. I remember how Bad Company 1 also made me say this exact same thing. I was blown away by the destructibility in the game and felt it was above any other shooter. I couldn't enjoy another shooter as much as Bad Company, and now I feel MAG has even trumped it with all of it's features, even without destruction. I enjoyed the Bad Company 2 beta a lot and couldn't wait to get my hands on it, but then MAG came out. I had no intention of even getting the game until a week before release. A great decision by me, and I'm sure by a lot of other people."

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Double074981d ago

"I guess, the only people who can feel what I am talking about are those who've played it."

Damn straight, its a fantastic game and I cant stop playing it. Before people critise the game they should actually play the damn game, but alas people see the reviews and are put off. But hey, all I know is that im enjoying the hell out of it.

slipkoRn4981d ago

Once you go mag you wont go back.

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gamingisnotacrime4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

MAG is a game that cant be described in a just manner with words nor videos. You have to take the controller, use the headset, and feel the feeling of immersion that is unbelivable. I dont like online only games, FPS online like halo, Cod, KZ2 are not my sweet tooth, but MAG is NOT a FPS online game, is a squad based tactical game were going comando will get killed every time. Im enjoying this game so much and i got it because Dead Cell made a post describing MAG and my jaw drop, i bought it and my jaw dropped even lower. This game is absolute amazing, and after playing on those HUGE maps with over 100 players in Acquisition, is hard to go to a 16 battle royal in mini maps. Give the game a try, is very difficult to express the MAG experience through words or videos

SnuggleBandit4981d ago

Dear Mods,

When you see someone in the gamer zone continuously bashing another system, it IS OK to delete their posts. It would be greatly appreciated if you would get rid of all this flaimbait bull crap in the gamer zone. This is another bungie account, and you guys know it! Ban him or at least delete his stupid crap.


rob60214981d ago

??? Lag?? Are you kidding me, seems like you're trying to spread lies. Lag rarely ever happens in MAG. It's using dedicated servers with no host advantage. Maybe your connection is suspect?

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divideby04981d ago

MAG didnt lag in any of the 3 betas I was in and it does not lag in the final game...the dude above who said MAG lags is totally full of it....
MAG has other issues, but lag is not one of them...
Dude just totally embarrassed him self publically with an outright lie

kneon4981d ago


Maybe you need to upgrade from your dial-up connection. I've put in almost 30 hours and I've had one moment of noticeable lag. It was exactly that, just a moment. I was running and suddenly I was about 10 feet back from where I was heading a moment ago. Other than that I've had 1 game fail due to connection issue, so that's less that 1% of the games I've played that had a serious problem.

MAG has the most rock solid online I've ever played.

sikbeta4981d ago

DaGangstaGamer is da stealth-trolling in da article about da MAG like da lifeless Bungie Kid...

DaGangstaGamer = Bungie = Delusional = lol


MAG is Just AWESOME, mark my words, just go and play it, the more time you play it the more it gets better

Gamers FTW!!!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

I see that a lot of people are still trying to convince everyone that MAG isn't mediocre.

I'm glad that some people like it (if they are even being sincere, that is) but it looks like most people that play it are not impressed, and they certainly don't feel like MAG has raised the bar and ruined all other FPS games for them. lol

zeeshan4981d ago

Really guys? Is it that good? Damn, it looks like I am missing the whole fun. Gona get it asap!

JaggedSac4981d ago

Why is this in the 360 section?

Sm0k3y_Bac0n4981d ago

Only played the beta myself, but the people i've asked have told me it isnt exactly the second coming. Everyone on my FL has gone back to MW2.

Gen0ne4981d ago

As a fellow black man, let me say this. Be quiet, you're embarrassing us.

mrlakadaddy4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

i have known the streets for some time...trust me, he isnt black...more or less a parody of the hip hop gamer...just by the words he is using...he is not black...what a loser...and using 50 cent...lol son you fail!!

Shang-Long4981d ago

..English bro. Please learn to S-P-E-L-L and Speak.

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ThanatosDMC4981d ago

Another pointless comment.

Anyway, for those who dont think it's not worth the $65. Try renting it out first it's only $5 or so for a whole week.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

That's not nice.

Is my opinion only valid if I say the game is awesome?

ThanatosDMC4981d ago

I'm not nice.

Your opinion is blind.

badz1494981d ago

"I see that a lot of people are still trying to convince everyone that MAG isn't mediocre."

and who the hell do you think you are trying to convince people that MAG is mediocre?? you clearly 1 of those who has never played the game so, FVCK OFF!!

Godmars2904981d ago

Your opinion isn't worth anything if its only based on negative hear-say and you hvaen't played the game yourself. That you're saying what you are when most podcasts I listen to talk about MAG like its an addition tells me as much.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4981d ago

"Your opinion is blind."

So is Bubbles...

pixelsword4981d ago

When anyone else was playing the Battlefield Bad Company 2 demo did it feel a little empty to you too?

I really love the sound effects for B:BC2 (mostly like 1, but who cares) and I think that's why I like the game so much.

Shepherd 2144980d ago

256 players can blind a person into thinking the game is amazing i guess. More doesnt always mean better, and gameplay wise MAG isnt doing anything special except increasing player count. Not that its a bad game, but i dont really think it raises the bar for shooters since not all shooters strive to be mega battlefield war games.

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raztad4981d ago

MAG is incredible. I'm addicted to the game. I think I never been so hooked for a multiplayer game before.

I feel the same that the author. MAG raised the bar for FPS and those 7/10 from casuals wont be able to hide it.

jessupj4981d ago

I don't know. I tried my hardest to get into the beta, but it just didn't feel fun for me. I hated the controls and the hit detection was horrible. It's also very annoying when you die and spawn right at the back of the map and have to make a 1 minute run back to your squad. It baffles my mind that zipper didn't allow you to at least spawn on your squad leader.

Maybe I need to play it a bit more with a headset, but when games are $110 and renting is pathetically expensive so I'm a bit scared to make that investment if I still don't find MAG fun.

Shang-Long4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

raztard whats your psn. mine is my user name here

and jessupj - you can buy and return the game if you dont like it. all stores have return policy to follow just ask them about it.

facelike4981d ago

I agree that it was frustrating to run that long trek to the battle only to get shot down and have to wait again. But what that told me is before I run out to the battlefield, I will stop behind cover, check the map, look for enemies before preceding. I stopped getting killed and the game became fun, I mean at work thinking of strategies fun.

Regardless of what all the bad reviews said, in reality, this games #1 feature really is that it is fun. This game is a blast to play, when you understand how it works. Just don't run out there, look first. Stay with squad members, they will have your back and can revive you.