Bethesda Announce Fallout: New Vegas Voice Talent

The Gaming Truth: "Today Bethesda revealed all of the people behind the voices in the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas. This time around they have made some distinct changes which may surprise you."

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kaveti66163269d ago

Aw, wtf.

I don't care how good you think Nolan North is. Ron Perlman nailed it as the narrator. He brought the cold style to the game. Nolan North makes everything seem like sunshine and sarcasm.

rdgneoz33269d ago

No matter how funny that would be, I think the blog is joking. And since when did a blog with only 2 posts become a credible source?

gaffyh3269d ago

It's so obviously a joke, and it's true, Nolan has been doing a lot of voice acting recently.