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[email protected] Writes: All in all, MAG is a cool experience from Zipper who took a big step from the SOCOM series and decided to go for something bigger (literally). Kudos to Zipper for making a 256 player brawl as smooth as can be on the PlayStation 3. So should you get MAG, yes if your fan of massive online shooters, SOCOM and loves to strategize. Don't, if your just a player that likes to do everything without teamwork.

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Sonyslave33178d ago

MS own this site don't believe them MAG is a 2/5 game.

raztad3178d ago

Make me really sad to witness such an incredible and deep game to get knocked down because is not aimed to casuals. Keep asking for mediocre rehashes, watered down and easy games. Dead Space 2 is looking like another casualty of this trend.

ChozenWoan3177d ago

There will still be plenty of Valories and SVER dogs to kill in the morning.

englandsbest3163177d ago

Well , thats a great score considering some of the scores that WKC and 3DDOT heroes have been getting recently.

PS3 exclusives in 2010.......... making PS3's 2007 exclusives actually look good.

Gimped Hardware3177d ago

this game sucks major balls.

256 players is just a marketing gimmick - at no time could you line up 128 players on your team versus the opponents 128 on a battlefield.

It's like saying halo3's matches are 125,000 vs 125,000 just because!

Im sorry to say that i really love my PS3 but what with this,heavy rain and WKC really floping in a big way the fututre doesn't look to bright......

back to my 360 then i guess - at least i know i will get AAA after AAA games on that platform.