Man Spends $69,696 Real Dollars For A Virtual Egg

David Story has bought the much coveted Virtual Egg on the game Planet Calypso. It was only available on a special task from Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs for $69,696.00 who originally bought the egg from its original owner for just $10,000.

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Xwow20083203d ago

The no lifers always surprise me lol

qface643203d ago

its his money he can spend it however he wants
besides if he has this kind of money to throw on a virtual item im sure its not a big deal for him

must be nice to be rich

mrv3213203d ago

If he has enough money to buy it then who's the idiot then?

It's his money and you never know he could make it back his money IF you read the article.

Milky3203d ago

who really has egg on his face? You or Him?

ehehe EGG...on his

UnwanteDreamz3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Man needs to get laid.

In truth if he can spend that kind of cash on a V-egg then he probably has plenty of golddiggers lined up to get a piece of his nerdie.


I am sure he will. No way he is the only ubernerd on the internetz with money. jk

DirtyLary3203d ago

You never know, maybe this guys knows something we don't and made a huge profit off it.

Timesplitter143203d ago

A 3D sphere...

or a new luxury car


FishCake9T43203d ago

Dude im 15 years old. I have not made that kind of money because im still in school. Common sense?

Rt00273203d ago

Then dude, don't go around calling people a stupid idiot then

antoinetm3203d ago

scr3w the stock market or real estate!

this is real return on investment!

randomwiz3203d ago

That was my first reaction. Then when I read the article, he seemed like a genius. The guy who sold the egg mortgaged his house to spend $100k on an asteroid, but now that asteroid is worth $1m...

I find it funny the price they chose... 69xxx

Bobbykotickrulesz3203d ago

Yeah, he can waste his money on whatever he wants, but that doesn't make him less of an idiot for buying a 70 thousand dollar video game item.

gintoki7773203d ago

and in the end you must always ask....................why?

SilentNegotiator3203d ago

He mortgaged his house for a virtual asteroid. That's freaking stupid.

darkmurder3203d ago

And now he's got a planet which has returned his investment and is now his income. Ballsy but its paid off and now he makes more than either you or me!

ludabenza3202d ago

lol, I would not go as far as calling the guy an idiot. However what I would at least say, is that quite clearly the man has more money than sense.

Pillage053202d ago

There was a special on G4 over the summer about the guy who bought the asteroid and started the NEVERDIE night club or whatever. Crazy stuff.

SilentNegotiator3202d ago

I'm sure if he starts to lose his house, he'll be able to find someone to buy virtual land for multiple hundred thousands of dollars in a heartbeat.

Imagine, a hobo with a piece of virtual property "Worth" 1 million dollars.

ChickeyCantor3202d ago

" its his money he can spend it however he wants
besides if he has this kind of money to throw on a virtual item im sure its not a big deal for him

must be nice to be rich

And yet we wonder how many suffer in this world because they lack the daily needs in their life.

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ClownBelt3203d ago

He got a deal there. Great job whoever you are who bought the egg.

ASSASSYN 36o3203d ago

I can't make negative comments to this when I am selling exclusive xbox-live avatar items for $20+ on ebay.

diggylee3203d ago

Well shoot if he's got money to blow then that's a heck of a deal! All kidding aside I can't ever imagine spending that kind of money on anything in a virtual world. People will spend their hard earned cash on anything even if it's not real.

Lilith_Belial3203d ago

never heard of this Calypso thing, but, mortgaging your own house to buy a virtual asteroid???