FF13 360 to use Bink for Cutscene Compression

The back of the box for the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII has revealed that the 360 version of the game will utilize Bink video, likely for compression of the game's many cutscenes.

The Bink Video logo is displayed clearly on the back of the box. Bink have special video tools designed for the Xbox 360 and they have been used in RPGs such as Borderlands, Mass Effect and Square Enix's The Last Remnant. The Japanese PS3 version of FF13 did not use Bink.

The Bink webpage indicates that the codec will show 720p video. The Japanese PS3 version of the game had the game's 40+ minutes of FMV encoded at uncompressed 1080p.

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densai3179d ago

3 discs isn't enough...

AP3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

A lot of devs use Bink so it must be pretty good. Mass Effect uses it to great effect, same for Borderlands with the few cutscenes there. That said, 720 compressed isn't much on 1080 uncompressed...

darthv723179d ago

Bink was used in dreamcast cgi cutscenes as well.

Xwow20083179d ago

the beginning now a lot of Developers especially the jrpg 1s will start to make their games big with a lot of content with the best quality for both visuals and sounds.

I remember phil harrison said that developers will have to choose between dvd and blu-ray and he is right because developers wana to delver their games to consumers the way it meant to be.

AP3179d ago

It was, but Bink does technologies for just about everything - Wii, 360, PS2, Dreamcast... it does them for tons of hardware, gaming and otherwise. So it's not like FF13 360 is going to have Dreamcast quality compression or anything. It'll still be 720p and look good, I imagine.

3179d ago
Blaze9293179d ago

I don't even have a 1080p set so I don't mind.

Obelisk923179d ago

I don't know if it's my TV, but some of ME2 cutscenes suck a$$ on my HD Ready TV, at res 720p. Some of them look washed up.

I hope it's not bink's fault.

JANF3179d ago

Its definitely your HD TV

Sarcasm3179d ago

"I don't know if it's my TV, but some of ME2 cutscenes suck a$$ on my HD Ready TV, at res 720p. Some of them look washed up.

I hope it's not bink's fault. "

Yeah I noticed that too. It IS the compression of the pre-rendered clips. It was the same for Gears of War 2. You have sharp and clear in game graphics, then once it switches to the Pre-rendered stuff you can see all the artifacts and compression.

Of course 360 fans will NEVER admit that it's there and say something like "but but but you cant see the difference."

IdleLeeSiuLung3179d ago

Even blu-ray movies use compression. Then again, if you want the "superior" version of this game, get it on the PS3. For everyone else, there is a choice.

... and I like choices!!!

MetalFreakMike3179d ago


"Yeah, and the PS3 version doesn't use video compression?
Even blu-ray movies use compression. Then again, if you want the "superior" version of this game, get it on the PS3. For everyone else, there is a choice.

... and I like choices!!!"

Well I hate to burst your bubble but they even said Final fantasy 13 ps3 version uses uncompressed 1080p video.

"The Japanese PS3 version of the game had the game's 40+ minutes of FMV encoded at uncompressed 1080p."

I do think they use it for a good amount of ps3 games tho, but I do not think we will hear the end of this argument.

iamtehpwn3179d ago

You guys have no idea how GREAT the CGI scenes look on a 1080p TV uncompress. The quality is unreal, the CGI scenes exceed advent children by far. I'm a japanese importer and trust me, just knowing that these beautiful scenes will be downgraded in anyway is enough to turn me off of an Xbox360 version.

sikbeta3179d ago


That's Never Gonna Happen simply cuz Devs will don't want to pay more Royalties to M$ for every extra Disk, SO quit stuff from the game and Shrink it or DLC FTL!!!

God, the Worst Thing is that Multiplat games will get F*cked Up for the 2 versions

Thank God The PS3 Crew Have First Party Games

AKNAA3179d ago

360 FF13 is still the way to go B1tches! Lol!... haaaah, I crack myself up sometimes...

Graphics3179d ago

damn, You say ME2 uses this? No wonder in the suicide mission when the CG is going on and even when you go through the mass relay everything look like sub hd sloppy unsmooth stuttering garbage, I thought it was maybe that I DL a bad copy but it wasn't that, cause when I saw my sis play her legit copy it was the same ugliness. Damn playing FF13 on 360 is gonna be terrible.... Maybe if this game is better than i expect Ill buy the ps3 version instead of downloading for 360.

Rush3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Man its pathetic to see the comments above knowing none of them are interested in the 360 version anyway. There all just trolling about an idea they already share what's the point.

Every FF13 article has 90 percent posts from PS3 fanboys doing nothing but trolling. Its a little sad and pathetic but hey I guess there still butt hurt it went multi platform.

And yes I don't even play my 360 on my PS3 now, So I ain't a fanboy defending my console choice. Am a gamer defending my favourite game series from you bunch of idiots.

Disagree away.

Rampant3179d ago

If I recall correctly.

It began with Lost Odyssey? lol. 3 years later, 6 million ahead.

Traveler3178d ago

The difference in quality between compressed and uncompressed is often not as great as we would imagine.

If you watch the video I link to below you will see that compression often has nearly no impact on the image quality. Read the article. The author gives some interesting information on this topic. He does note, however, that Bink is not the best encoder in his experience.

So, who knows how it will turn out. I'm just saying that compression doesn't automatically equal a noticeable drop in quality.

die_fiend3178d ago

Strange how it's mostly PS3 owners commenting on this. I didn't realise it affected them...It's embarrassing that despite it not affecting you that you'd come here 2 tell people how bad it'l be despite not ever seeing either version in most cases. And you talk about multiple discs being an issue? About 10 seconds for every 15 hours of gameplay? That's an issue. So what happens when you decide you want 2 change games? Do you get angry that you have 2 get off your lazy asses? If you spend so much time stewing over another console that you don't own, it's about time you understand that you're a retard

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densai3179d ago

guess ill enjoy my 1080p fmvs...

chidori6663179d ago

gimped graphics confirmed ( again)

Chubear3179d ago

Ahh, the Beta box please fix me: Gimp in; Pay beyond. The definitive gaming experience.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

I wouldn't be celebrating so soon knowing that the X360 it's easy to develop for and it actually benefits from PS3's more organized coding.

nightelfmohawk3179d ago

And surround sound, which the 360 version lacks as well.

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dirthurts3179d ago

I'm glad if they're compressing the video they are using bink. Great quality.
I wish they would just span it more disks though, and do compressed 1080p. I don't mind the disks. But this should be plenty anyway.

wazzim3179d ago

The difference between 720P and 1080P isn't big graphically, you won't see much extra on the 1080P version.

*Puts on flame shield*

Darkeyes3179d ago

Your statement make little sense since you still game on a SDTV.. "The difference between 720P and 1080P isn't big graphically".. I don't even want to go into how moronic the statement is. Maybe someday you will grow a pair of eyes to actually appreciate Full HD.

rambi803179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

on smaller screens it doesn't matter to me much - but as screen size gets larger you see the difference

Sarcasm3179d ago

It's not the resolution that matters, it's the compression ARTIFACTS and macro blocking that is present. Heck, they could have made it in true uncompressed 720p for the PS3 version and we might not see a difference. But again, the problem lies in the fact that the 360 version IS compressed.

callahan093179d ago

Are you kidding? 1080p displays more than double the pixels as 720p. It's easy to tell the difference.

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ClownBelt3179d ago

Xbots are used to mediocrity already, so no news here.

Trebius3179d ago

They never stop to think about the fact that they're stuck in the stone age, the 360 is holding back the game industry.

Oner3178d ago

The really sad thing is they are HAPPY being in that position...blindly ignorant and oblivious to the kind of detriment they are in essence contributing to!