Tournament of Legends to Lack Wii MotionPlus and Online Support

Gamervision reports: A few days ago, we had a chance to sit down with High Voltage Art Director Matt Corso, where we talked about Tournament of Legends, the Wii-exclusive fighter that replaced Gladiator A.D. on the May release calendar. When we first talked about the game back at E3, the developers seemed ready to support the Wii MotionPlus, and explained how it would help the melee fighter add variance to attacks to break up "could possibly be seen as mechanical attacks." Now, a few months later, they've rescinded those words, and removed support for the Wiimote attachment.

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N4g_null3175d ago

They are better off releasing half this game as a wiiware title and continue development or shelve it till they get it fixed. Right now they are putting it up against punch out and they will loose. Then we have a ton of great art coming to the wii this year. Maybe that's what happened they panicked. They should have stayed their course yet if they release this game as is it will be a mistake based on current screens. This assuming the game play is the same.

Then we have a ton of great motion plus games coming, red steel2, Zelda, dynamic slash. Then we have the wii strong release list yet. A hardcore gamers dream come true last story, metroid m, sin and punish2, sweet sequels from the past. We are actualy a rough sell so they better bring their a game. I see why they are going hd because review hype equals sales right? I guess they will find this out.

Better yet why not port this game to hd also?

tunaks13176d ago

this is destined to fail ever since it stopped being Gladiator AD

EvilTwin3176d ago


Gladiator A.D. was an online-focused, Motion Plus-based fighter with some side missions and light RPG elements.

Tournament of Legends is a single player, CC-based (re: button mashing) brawler.

If HVS thinks they're going to fund the multiplat versions of Grinder with the Wii sales from ToL, they have another thing coming.

SpoonyRedMage3176d ago

Someone suggested to me that the game could be a Trojan horse but it's like conspiracy theory stuff. They claimed that HVS know the game won't sell and it's going to be used a justification for scrapping the Wii version of The Grinder.

Sounds pretty silly to me.

N4g_null3175d ago

Spoony if your right it would only hurt them and give us more reason to buy some thing else. If they are not careful
they will be the next midway. Now if the wii's grinder gets a down grade in graphics from what I've seen or ethier scrapped then you right. I really hope they don't play this game with their publisher.

I also hope they understand that success on the wii would actualy hurt most publishers because they believe it would hurt hd game sales which is untrue. It's a sad time to be in the industry for sure unless you are making kick azz wii games of course.

Samus HD3176d ago

does this means that Wii motion plus can not be used ??:A :(

N4g_null3175d ago

I hope they give this game patch support lol

Samus HD3169d ago

no wii motion plus = FaiL