Quotes To Kill Zombies By: The Best (Worst) Resident Evil Quotes Ever

The Resident Evil series has been synonymous with two different things – terrific monster-killing action and ridiculously bad dialogue. Seriously, it almost seems like Capcom WANTS the dialogue to come across as corny in order to give it some unintended humorous appeal. This article takes a look at various quotes uttered throughout the series, along with a "corny meter" to indicate just how bad they really came off.

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eepiccolo4189d ago

The reason Leon made a comment about everybody going to Bingo was because they were going into a CHURCH! I agree (more or less) with the rest of his quotes, but the author made himself look stupid with the analysis of the Bingo quote.

MK_Red4189d ago

Overall kool article. Good point eepiccolo.

AcidRhain4189d ago

RE4 wasn't too bad. what had me laughing about this franchise was the voice acting. RE4 actually resolved a lot of it's dialogue problems with better voice actors. RE1- "JILL! Don't, open, that door!"

eepiccolo4189d ago

Actually, the funniest thing was the live-action FMV in the 1st RE. That stuff was priceless. Of course in this instance, priceless means it was worth nothing.

grifter0244189d ago

I thought the only ones that were funny were in RE4, the whole "Pervert" thing was funny though. She calls him a pervert but at the end of the game shes asking him for some "Overtime!" That was some funny stuff right there, but all the other stuff was dumb, the author tried to hard to find some funny lines and failed miserably good job though. THe FMV was pretty funny wesker looked a little weird though. I still love the Rebecca Chambers ones though!