The Mass Effect Franchise Has To Come To PS3 At Some Point

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "This week news broke that there is redundant PS3 code in the PC version of Mass Effect 2. Naturally this brought up a whole host of rumours that Bioware had a PS3 version of the game running somewhere, and it was only a matter of time before one of the year's highest rated games hit Sony's machine. Bioware were quick to dispell the myths, reiterating the game as "PC and XBOX 360 only." Does it really make sense for the franchise to stay that way though?"

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Sonyslave34086d ago

Don't worry droids Mass Effect one day God will answer yall prayer.

Darkeyes4085d ago

We don't need Gods, we have someone who kills them. Can't wait to see your sorry faces when the announcement comes.

FangBlade4085d ago

ROOOOOOFL Darkeyes you made me laugh so hard i can barely breath!
YOU OWNED HIM! bubs for you!

Udidntlistenpunk4085d ago

We get all your games, lets face it, bots.

Bioshock wouldnt come over, you idiots said. But rofl guess who got humiliated and owned all over the place? You are, bots. You are.

Mass effect 2 is almost guaranteed to come over. And you are going to get humiliated again, for the 1000th times.

Hahaha it truly sucks to be an xbot


Like my momma once said, "Its ok to dream honey"

ME will always stay on the 360 so y BS?

Trebius4085d ago

We have over 30 exclusive games that'll never be seen on the 360 that score above avg-AAA on metacritic.

360 has only like ... 6 ... and 4 of them are Halo titles :)

Udidntlistenpunk4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Hahahaha dumbass xbots.

360 has no games, let alone exclusives.

If all of us "Droids" dont have a PC, than how do we visit and post messages on N4G?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Just do what i do - i.e buy xBox 360 Franchises on/for your...P.C!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

xBox 360 has NO xBox 360 Exclusive games...

bageara4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Oh yes, it shall be mine

EvilBlackCat4084d ago

The Game Industry is a business and not a free entertainment park ride.
Some people here keep commenting: "Oh its going to jump on PS3 its only about time" and my question is... So what ignorant?!

morganfell4084d ago

First of all learn to use spell check. Second, there are a great many people that are going to have to run for cover in a mere 4 months time. Do they really think we will forget when N4G stores posts?

4084d ago
gamer20104084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Don't worry, droids. Demon's Souls, FFXIII Versus and Agent will all come to the 360 as well.

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Sonyslave34085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

LOL sure i'm talking about Jehovah the one only true god not some mythology

FishCake9T44085d ago

Well EA know how to make money so i would not be surprised if the released the Mass Effect series on PS3. They would have to bring out the first too though along with the second.

kaveti66164085d ago

What difference does it make if it comes to PS3?

Everyone knows that all PS3 fanboys have high-end gaming PCs that run Xbox exclusives at max settings. /s

Troll_Police4085d ago

That's true, we do have great PCs but most of us prefer to game on our PS3s though.

toaster4085d ago

It's a shame really. Seeing as how Dragon Age on PS3 is just as great as the 360 version, if not better judging by the general consensus and reviews, I would assume that a Mass Effect game on PS3 would be awesome as well.

FreeMonk4085d ago

All of the Mass Effect games will eventually arrive on the PS3, but my guess is that it will be when or may be slightly after Mass Effect 3 is released.

If you look at the X360 box of Mass Effect 1, it has the 'Only on Xbox 360' stamp at the top, even though it was out on the PC at the same time. Mass Effect 2 however doesn't have that stamp. So they are either keeping there options open or are definatly planning a PS3 release.

Hopefully PS3 owners get ME at some point, because it is truely a spectacular game!

captain-obvious4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

who knows maybe it well maybe it wont
all of you fanboys should stop b!tching and start being happy with the games you got
the PS3 got games that the 360 fanboys wish to play
and the 360 got games that the PS3 fanboys wish to play

so get over it and just be happy with the games that you got
if the game comes out to the PS3 more PPL can enjoy it
and Bioware would make more money and that's a good thing for the industry

same with MGS:R going to the 360

deadreckoning6664085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

More speculation.

"who knows maybe it well maybe it wont
all of you fanboys should stop b!tching and start being happy with the games you got
the PS3 got games that the 360 fanboys wish to play
and the 360 got games that the PS3 fanboys wish to play"


Elven64085d ago

FreeMonk: Mass Effect came to PC 6-7 months after it did on the 360, it was exclusive until EA bought BioWare/Pandemic and announced a PC port in 08.

Information Minister4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

@ FreeMonk- Just a slight correction: the first Mass Effect was released on the PC several months after the Xbox 360 version. So at the time of the original release it really was available "Only on Xbox 360". But yeah, it's just another example that we can't take that statement too seriously. The simple fact that the developer and the publisher won't flat out deny a PS3 version in the works nearly confirms its existence. It's Bioshock all over again.

@ kaveti6616- That's open zone material and it was totaly uncalled for, but now that you mention it, I do own a PS3 and I do own a Core2 Q8400 with a Radeon 4870. Maybe I'll have to lower the detail settings to get it running on 720p. What's your opinion on that? Oh and by the way, no PC in the world can run Xbox exclusives, only PC games./s

EDIT @ Hisiru- I remember reading those exact same words on this very site, some 2 years ago. It was called Bioshock.

morganfell4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Anyone that understands game development and coding knows that the redundant code in the 360 and PC versions is not there because the Unreal 3 engine runs on the PS3. What was there could only be in place if it were being specifically coded for the PS3.

I don't think they will announce anything at GDC. I will be out there and would like to see it but I doubt it will happen then. But I do think at E3 there will be a press release and floor showing for both Mass Effect 1 and 2 for the PS3. Likely Mass Effect 3 will be arriving simultaneously on PC, PS3, and 360.

ME2 while good doesn't have the same RPG depth the first game had. They certainly fixed the ugly graphics and got rid of that ridiculous Mako. The combat is greatly improved but the weapons, equipment, and capabilities selections are shallow. The combat makes up for it but the RPG element is missing along with real impact from your choices. It is still a must have title, don't get me wrong, but hopefully they will finally nail the balance on ME3.

kneon4085d ago


Well yes I do have such a PC, but I still prefer to play games on my PS3. Even though the PC is connected to the same TV and sound system so really it's shouldn't matter, especially as I have a greater choice in control options on the PC. Yet, I still prefer the PS3 for gaming.

Hisiru4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Why do you think that there is no mac version of Mass Effect 1? EA published this game for PC but only for the platform supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft probably still have rights about the first game, it's a trilogy and if BioWare can't release the first ME on the PS3, they won't release the other games too.

Sorry but I will trust in a real programmer from BioWare, not a post from you.

@Information Minister
Different ocasions, Microsoft themselves published the first game and probably has rights about the first game, you can't use this claim for every ocasion man, this is getting old. The same excuse over and over again "but bioshock this but bioshock that". 2K just tried to give more value to their game, very normal if you want to sell a software nowadays. The "exclusive" word has a big weight this generation and 2K knew it.

morganfell4085d ago

Pure gold. But then again add him to the ignore button as I did. He is willing to say anything at this point. Amazing the scrambling desperation we are seeing.

Here is a fact. The PS3 is getting a few titles from Bioware. That is undeniable and straight from Ray Muzyka's mouth. What are they? Certain people can simply twist in the wind over that matter as they are obviously in a panic now.

Hisiru4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Ignore button heh? That's ok for me, but I won't ignore you if you talk with me, I think it's childish (and I always expected something extremely different from you).

I am not "saying anything at this point", I explained why I think that we can't compare both situations.

beans4084d ago

Maybe the code is there because Bioware is making another game set in the same universe for PS3. Sounds crazy but why not just expand the story and give PS3 it's own separate story.

Information Minister4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

@ Hisiru- Microsoft does own the publishing rights for the original Mass Effect, but only on the Xbox 360. EA published the PC version and now owns the IP has well as full publishing rights for ME2. That means that they can release the game on all platforms they see fit, but if they ever decide to make a Mass Effect Trilogy they can't publish it on the 360 (at least not with ME1).

Allow me to reply here to your comment in 12.2 as well. That $500 PC allows you to do much more than that $200 HDD-less Xbox 360 (and where are you going to put that DLC?). You also don't have to pay for online gaming or to use Facebook. However, if you're only concern is games then the Xbox is definitely the one to get, I'll grant you that.

@ morganfell- I prefer not to ignore people, but instead listen to what they have to say. There's always the remote possibility they'll make a valid point, or that you'll be able to talk some sense into them.

morganfell4084d ago


I agree except you eventually arrive at a certain point with some individuals where it becomes patently obvious that no amount of convincing is going to result in any realization on their part whatsoever. From that moment forward their posts are little more than the offspring of wasted web space and an eye jab.

Hisiru4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

It's on PC (a platform supported by Microsoft) but not on mac.

After 7 months, a PC version wouldn't hurt the x360 (in sales), so Microsoft had no reason to say "no" for a PC version.

"That $500 PC allows you to do much more than that $200 HDD-less Xbox 360 (and where are you going to put that DLC?). You also don't have to pay for online gaming or to use Facebook. However, if you're only concern is games then the Xbox is definitely the one to get, I'll grant you that. "

Well, yes, I can't disagree with you. You will be able to do much more in a PC than in a console, but if you already own a basic PC (it's hard to see someone without a basic PC nowadays), you will be able to use Facebook, watch videos and all those things, so there is no need for a $500 PC with console graphics when you can have your basic PC (not that good for gaming, just functional for basic tasks) + x360 with 20GB or 40. I can't say that you are wrong, but there are other things to consider.

A lot of people already convinced me here and I even said "yes, I was wrong" (I made a LOT of mistakes, I am not perfect), if you have a good argument to show me, I will admit that I was wrong.

Blaze9294084d ago

Why do PS3 owners want Mass Effect for? Wouldn't this be in the same boat as BioShock now? If you wanted to play it you would have played it by other means by now? Then finally when the PS3 version of BioShock came no one cared.

Double Toasted4084d ago should add morganfell to YOUR ignore list, seeing as though he is stuck on anti-smart...

morganfell4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

I wouldn't say no one cared. I bought Bioshock on the 360 and took a while to get to playing it. When I did the very next day the PS3 version was announced. I immediately took the game down and traded it on a reservation.

I also doubt you will see a straight port of the game. By that I mean that likely you will see several notable improvements, particularly with ME1. I have that game for the PC and the 360 and on either version there is drastic room for improvement in the graphics department. There is elsewhere as well but I doubt they will adjust the gameplay.

Arnon4084d ago

No offense man, but you said the exact same thing regarding Gears of War 2, which never came to fruition. First, you mentioned how there was PS3 code for GeOW 2 and how people at the UDN were already working on it. Then, you stated that it would be announced for the PS3 early 2009, which of course didn't happen, and then you mentioned that it would be announced E3'09... which... well... yeah.

BulletToothtony4084d ago

just look at Bioshock.. it won goty and stuff just cause it was a 360 exclusive (console wise), people saying it was an awesome game and not caring that didn't have multiplayer, even thou exclusives like ps3 exclusives get crucified if they don't have multiplayer modes..

same thing it's gonna happen to Mass Effect, once it comes out for the ps3 it will become just a generic franchise.. it's only a great game cause the ps3 doesn't have it.. i'm tired of this pattern.. i'll just stick to what i know it's gonna rock..

Heavy Rain and GoW III.. that and Resistance 3 are my biggest game this year and i'm more than happy with these 3 games..

morganfell4084d ago

Arnon, check your PMs...

ShadowCK4084d ago

"Sure, some people make the argument that Microsoft may have paid for exclusivity. After all, they published the first Mass Effect title. But EA own the IP, and thus, while I’m unaware of the specifics of the contract, I’d imagine EA are free to do with the franchise as they wish. EA accepting a back-hander to keep console exclusivity just doesn’t make sense to me."

This person has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Microsoft still has some control over the Mass Effect series, this is evident by the fact they not EA released the Mass Effect: 2-Disc Edition. Remember, Bioware signed a deal with Microsoft for Exclusivity to the 360 for the Mass Effect Trilogy; EA having bought Bioware is now bound by that agreement. It doesn't go away because EA owns Bioware since Bioware still exists in name.

The likelyhood of it going to the PS3 is slim and almost nil in the current market. You have to remember, it is not a simple "Copy + Paste" to another format in this generation. It costs money to release it on many systems, and you need to have balance, is the Mass Effect audience big enough to support a move to the PS3? Will it generate more sales of the game? What would Sony want if anything to allow it on the PS3?

There are a lot of risk involved in many an established series Multiplatform, it is not just a simple thing. You must remember, making two different version of the game requires with you dealing with a lot more work and more work costs more money. You'll have to deal with other companies you do business with believe it or not, such a move could COST EA a lot of money in the future.

Disagree with me all you want folks, but you're not going to change the fact that the Mass Effect series will never come to the PS3. Move along.

Pika-pie4084d ago

Its obvious that MS has some timed exclusivity deal locked down. It will come but probably not in the next 12-18months.

darkmurder4084d ago

It has to because its a bitter PS3 site

corneliuscrust4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

ME1 hasnt been ported...years after its release

but it's all "just around the corner" right?

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Bodyboarder_VGamer4085d ago

Lately the Xbox defense force have been at full force! Why is that? Are you scare of something? I mean, I thought the PS3 fans were the whiners but now I look at the report section and I think it's the other way around actually.

morganfell4085d ago

As I said, they are not fooling anyone that codes for games. What was there in the redundant code wasn't the cross platform U3 code but specific work that had been done for the PS3. The general public may buy it but anyone that knows realizes the truth.

It may not come to the PS3. MS may step in and write a check but the fact is there has been specific PS3 coding at some point during the development of ME2.

Double074084d ago

No chance of those 3 games/ pieces of DLC ever hitting the PS3, right everyone? ;)

morganfell4084d ago

Amazing how some fanboys are so mad you are getting disagrees with cold hard facts.

elpresador4084d ago

Um, ME1 on the PC was hacked showing PS3 code as well mainly because, you know, they use(d) UE3 engine which has code for PC 360 and PS3.

Seeing as how ME1 never came to the PS3 yet has some code for it, why would ME2 be any different?

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