Gran Turismo 5: 7 Minutes Of New Mercedes SLS AMG Footage (Nordschleife)

Videogameszone published a new video of Gran Turismo 5, showing seven minutes of Mercedes SLS AMG footage.

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Gabe EatsWell3202d ago

There's only two words that can describe this racing giant: B3YOND DEFINITIVE.

Gran Turismo 5 - RACE B3YOND™

mrblacknut3202d ago

Along with the release date B3YOND this decade right?

Gabe EatsWell3202d ago


Perfection takes time. You go play your Forza, while we PS3 owners wait for perfection aka GT5. :)

3202d ago
SasanovaS19873202d ago

yo this game is 7hitin houses, not bricks

Chubear3202d ago

The GT series have ALWAYS been known for notorious delays. This gen's delays haven't been as bad as in the past and even if it gets further delayed till next year (hope not) that wouldn't be uncommon for the franchise.

The bottom line is, when it does launch (especially the first iteration of GT on a new Playstation) it delivers in spades... and BEYOND :D

If you're a PS3 gamers looking for a sim fix b4 GT5 arrives there's about 3 or 4 great racing sims on the PS3 right now so you're covered 'till this masterpiece drops. Enjoy :)

MAR-TYR-DOM3202d ago

Amazing.... but how is the damage working in the game? Certain cars have it or what? Anyone know? Like i saw this guy crash into a divider and it did not appear the car was damaged. Just wondering, personally i dont care about damage when im racing.

hennessey863202d ago

definitive my arse ive been playing gt since the playstation one days and since gt3 which was the best of its day gt has been a huge disapointment i mean just listen to the sound effects o the tyres and cars very ps2 dont u think no wonder its been put back indefinitley forza 3 is unbelievable and before i get the fanboy tag i hae both consoles and gave both games the chance to impress me but it seems gt is like metal gear solid great back in the day but now gets the credit off name alone

Chubear3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Well remember, this is not a crash simulator. It's a racing sim. That damage crap argument was just something naysayers tried to use to take away GT's accomplishments. Same thing with the "lolz, teh 2D trees!!" comments; now look at that vid, the trees look even better than real life on the tracks. Crazy nonsensical FUD my friend, crazy nonsensical FUD.

No true car enthusiast is ever looking to crash their car to see what it looks like. They don't even want to scratch it.

No true racing sim enthusiast wants to ram into a wall or even go off in the dirt a little bit. There are racing sims fans (old school) that will just start the race all over again if they go off the correct racing lines even a little bit. This is what Racing sim is, not Burn Out type crashing sensations. Unfotunately, this newage gamers may get their way cause I think GT5 may have that rewind feature thing to appease them - argh!

However, that being said, yes, damage to vehicles are in GT with ALL the vehicles. More sim damage on some vehicles than others like the Off Road rally vehicles extra but still, even on the regular vehicles, if the "damage" in Forza3 rocked your boat then you'll be more than happy with what GT5 presents in their damage visuals even they are much much better than in Forza3 when that feature is turned on.

A Cupcake for Gabe3202d ago

I can't wait for the final product. This videos look ridiculously photo-realistic.

snaz273202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

im pretty sure one of the reasons we dont have gt5 now, is cos of damage, (people say delay even though there has been no release date barring japan, march)... anyway PD dont do things by half! they are going to do real time damage! meaning the damage will show depending on how you crash, all calculated in real time, so no 2 crashes will be the same... im not sure if this has been done before... you see forza damage and the like is just pre rendered then kinda slapped on the car when you crash, gt5s damage will be real time, so i guess if you slow down the race, in playback, you will see the bodywork crumple up, just like in real lifei dont believe its for all cars but that could change.

snaz273202d ago

so let me get this straight, your gonna compare the audio of a recording off a tv, from a game that isnt complete, to a finished product you have played yourself off your own tv? could that get more retarded, anyway just from this low quality video you can see this game is a BEAST! just imagine how awesome its gonna look when its done and playing on your tv! tyre sounds yada! yada! please dont make me laugh, get this on direct feed then well talk, and atleast let them release the game before you compare.

SilentNegotiator3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Better than just having a barely-a-sequel tossed at us every two years.

The graphics look freaking amazing.

soxfan20053202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Are you referring to that "barely a sequel" game that is the highest rated driving sim since 2001? As was it's predecessor? And it's predecessor before that?

BattleAxe3202d ago

This has got to be the most realistic looking game I've ever seen.

Greywulf3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

8 cars <-- same as previous version.
No Private Racing
No Animated Vehicle spoilers
Downgraded low polygon cars with shaded windows in game.
Wrong cocxpit setups & vehicle trim
Exhaust & Engine modifications that dont change appearance or sound
No rally racing
No Open wheel vehicles
no 1080p
no head tracking
No night
no weather
no dynamic driver
flickering low res shadows
Lag & Framerate stutter when getting notifications
Compressed Screen capture
No ability to take pictures of cocxpits. Like Turn10 lied about.


and the same features from the previous game like Decal Painting and selling, from the previous games.

Thats the game hes talking about. The one with no real significant features upgraded from the previous version. That game. Ratings dont = features or quality. And it certainly isn't a better sim than Rfactor which is rated lower. If you think that describes the best sim out on consoles, you're in for a sad wakeup call.

The only thing it ever had over GT was damage as far as sims go. Livery editing isn't mandatory for PC sims.. but damage was. The only thing it has now over GT is a release date. Which isn't saying much.

randomwiz3202d ago

its little touches like the shadows being clearly defined instead of just "patches" of shadows that make it look amazing

redsquad3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I'll take a well cooked meal over a plate of leftovers any day, even if it takes longer to arrive.

But, we all know the Microsoft philosophy of "First at all costs" has rubbed off on too many of it's consumers...

soxfan20053202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

As I said in my other post, when you release a year after the competition, you BETTER include more features than the competition. I mean, Turn 10 could have waited until a year after GT5 released, and then published a list of additional features to be included in it's game as well.

It would be a different story if GT5 released at the same time as Forza 3 and still had all of those features. GT5 will have the expected additions that come with releasing a year after the competition.

EDIT @ above - if "first at all costs" means I get games that average a 92 rating, that's a pretty good meal for me.

Greywulf3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

GT's timeline has nothing to do with Forza3's lack of features compared to Forza2 and Forza1. Which the original comment of it being a 1.5 was, which you can't address since you know full well its half an upgrade.

PD decided 16 vehicles & Coxkpit view because its the challenge they wanted to pull off. They didn't care what any other dev was doing. Same with the goal of 1080p. 8 cars at 60fps @ 720p with hardly any particle fx or detailed models in game & pre determined "damage" isn't exactly challenging, and im sure GT5 would have been released already if that was the definitive bar.

All you can do is imagine Turn10 would do something in the future. Coulda Woulda Shoulda, Turn10 rushed their game, and its evident in the buglists. Its presentation, loading times, everything.

Forza is a good series, but its score doesn't reflect its features compared to the previous versions. OR other car simulations. You take a game with a 92, and all that and pretend its actually something to brag about? Do you really want to pretend having no private races is the pinnacle of racing simulations? Thats perfect right?

Ill take 1000+Vehicles, 16cars, Amazing second to none visuals IN-GAME and even better replay + 8mp Photomode & Private racing over 8 cars without any of that, as most sim fans will when the thing comes out when hell freezes over. You can throw the scores around all you want, but its lack of features speak for itself.

GT is for the GT community & The car enthusiasm world. Theres a reason car simulations are always associated with GT. Its the Rolls Royce of them. Ferrari chooses to debut its vehicles in the game. I mean, its really a situation of "nuff said". If PD was worried about the competition on a strictly feature vs feature basis, Its way passed clearing the mark and almost bordering on overkill at this point. The GT franchise is gigantic. Its demo sold more units than Forza2's release. Its oranges and apples here.

Forza scoring higher than GT is like Need for speed or test drive scoring higher. Enjoy the game.

soxfan20053202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

You should have said "GT is the Porsche" of racing games. Oops, you can't. Maybe it can be the "Ruf" of racing games. Nah, doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Funny how you discount a 92 review average as somehow meaningless, yet you always bring up sales. You can throw sales figures around all you want, but Forza's critical success speaks for itself. Seems you'd rather play a high sales number than a great sim. Pretty sad, but nothing new.

sikbeta3202d ago


Like if you care about right? Go Play Forza ODST PAL /jk

On Topic

Gran Turismo 5: The UNIQUE Driving Simulator + 3D FTW!!!

snaz273202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

come on please tell us your argument for why 8 cars on track, that by the way look nowhere near as good as GTs cars, is better than 16 cars on track? are you going to use the 5 vs 5 is better argument than fps fans use when they defend halo? lmao... as for reviews come on you would have to be blind to tell me that reviews aint biased this gen! killzone 2 comes out, oh it nothing new, same old same old, grey etc etc... modern warfare cashin 2 comes out, oh its awesome blah blah, but what is new? more killstreaks? more lag? it really gets up my nose, so i prefer to ignore ALL reviews be it good or bad... you know what infact id rather hear someones opinion on here (aslong as it sounds logical) than listen to reviews, so with everything MORE that gt5 is offering, you already have a list up there, what should gt5 get? 150/100? i mean what if it ended up getting 92, same as forza 3? pffft lmao, and because of fanboy sites it probably will, people have to nitpick ps3 exclusives to death to TRY and knock of points!

snaz273202d ago

the game is just unbelievable! the AI was top notch, they would team up, when there was a few and try to flank you, but if there was one or two, they would s**t a brick and run away, or just hide lmao... the lighting, in one particular spot going upto over 300 individual lights! i mean REAL lights that actually effect the environment, even the helghasts eyes reflected off surfaces! the partical effects were phenominal, with wind swirling the dust around and even effecting your grenades! the gameplay was EPIC! constantly making you serge forwards. oh the online was fun as hell too, my only downside was i leveled up too quick! for me thats the devs ONLY mistake! but it got nitpicked and brought down, while every other shooter, oh bar MAG, sails by with glowing reviews! is this really fair? anyway, then comes the mighty U2 what could they say then apart from bu bu bu bu bu.....

redfirm3202d ago

lol "while we ps3 owners" please dont trag us all into your flamewar with xbox gamers.

i rather stay out of this whole xbox vs ps3.

thank you have a nice day

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mrv3213202d ago

MGR sure likes his PS3 games he's commenting on every single one of them.

Gabe EatsWell3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

LOL no, I'm not MGR.

EDIT: Oops my bad, sorry.

Julie3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

He means the report section , that dude MGR is reporting and commenting every PS3 article/thing there hehe :I

Dunno why don't he use the open zone for that

Karooo3202d ago

as old, wtf its a new footage, what a fking jealous fanboy.

Chubear3202d ago

Now, how do you look at THAT and not think you got jipped into supporting Forza as "teh definitive" racing sim on the market? and further more even thinking it even matches GTP.

The 360 fanbase are such sheepish suckers. Throw them a buzz word and watch them feed like piranha on flesh.

redsquad3202d ago

When the lies don't work, try to suppress the truth. the droning 360 zombies come across as tyrants more and more...
I said that the final game would utterly embarass the idiots who dismissed GT5 after the Academy Demo, and this new footage is seriously stunning!

Chubear3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Forza3 was touted as the definitive racing sim by it's developers and fanbase and when you look at vids of GT5 it's obviously beyond what we've seen of a full game of Forza3 so it makes sense

Grand Turismo 5 - BEYOND DEFINITIVE.

Damn, if only real life looked as good as this game lol

soxfan20053202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

When you release a game a full year after the competition, it should be an improvement. Had GT5 released around the same time as Forza 3, they would be held to the same standard. But, because GT5 will most likely release around a year later, PD will have to make improvements to justify the wait. If GT5 is "as good" as Forza 3, that will be considered a disappointment comsidering how much longer it took to produce. And Forza 3 has already set the bar pretty high (92 Metacritic - highest rated driving sim in 9 years).

After all, PD can take their time to analyze everything Forza 3 did right - and received stellar reviews for - then take time to improve on those aspects when they eventually release their game.

Ding3202d ago

soxfan2005 - 7 minutes ago

4.2 -
When you release a game a full year after the competition, it should be an improvement. Had GT5 released around the same time as Forza 3, they would be held to the same standard. But, because GT5 will most likely release around a year later, PD will have to make improvements to justify the wait. If GT5 is "as good" as Forza 3, that will be considered a disappointment comsidering how much longer it took to produce. And Forza 3 has already set the bar pretty high (92 Metacritic - highest rated driving sim since 2001).

After all, PD can take their time to analyze everything Forza 3 did right - and received stellar reviews for - then take time to improve on those aspects when they eventually release their game.

So what did Forza 3 do right?

GT HD and GT 5P run in 1080p.. Forza 3 720p or less
GT 5P has 16 car races.. Forza 3 8.
GT PSP offers various surfaces to drive on, narrow street, Ash/Cinter tracks, snow... Forza 3 just tarmac.
GT PSP has 600 cars to collect.. Forza 3 400
Cars obtained in GT PSP and GT 5P can be transfered to GT 5.. Forza 2 cars? Nada

MS has just released a 10 car DLC pack for Forza 3.. Lessee GT 5 1000 cars -400= 600.. 600/10= 60.. 60x 400points = 24,000.. Bugger me I could buy a REAL luxury car for that! lol

Take all the time you need Mr Yamauchi, I'm in no hurry to become some greedy devs *prison wife*. No wonder Forza got such high scores, the reviewers are probably getting a %age of the DLC. lol

Oh and thanks for the FREE 5 car DLC for GT PSP Mr Yamauchi.

soxfan20053202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

When GT5's final car list is released, we'll do a rundown of how many duplicate car models (like Nissan Skylines) GT5 has compared to how many Forza 3 has. I think you'll be surprised at how much closer they really are.

And don't even bring up GT PSP. Sure, when you eliminate the career mode and have just 35 tracks, it's easy to bump up the number of cars.

By the way, hasn't the GT franchise sold over 55 million units? PD surely has a LOT more bribe money than Turn 10 does, if you really believe what you wrote.

PirateThom3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

GT PSP has less cars than GT5, all the cars are transferrable to GT5.

Your ball.

DigitalAnalog3202d ago

60 million dollars to make this game...... how many games in this day and age are using that budget?

-End statement

Lemmiwinks3202d ago

like how they delete evil black cats trolling but ignore soxsfan2005's like 5 trolling how many times does greywolf have to pwn himm.....everytime greywolf responds sox's just goes on a tangit and avoids the issue....and babbles on about that year wait and forza 3's 92 point review geez go away your just trying to spread fud about gt5, like if you watched that tour of PD's game studio u'd know they are very serious about making realistic engine and car sounds, that vid was filmed from a video camera lol what do u expect....and seriously mods prove your not bias and delete soxsfan's posts cause hes breaking your rules.....send him to the open zone....saves us from his stupidy, and give greywolf a bubble for not fighting fanboy fire with fanboy fire, and pwning soxsfan the old fashioned way, with logic and factual evidence

bnaked3202d ago

Suxfan, look at this GT5 online menu screens! Can you see the live weather and time-of-day information displayed near the top of the screens???

Thats only one new feature. Real time weather.

When GT5 is out, you will be one of the most laughable users here.. Then i can show you your older posts about GT5 and you will cry.

Forza 3 is like Dantes Inferno ;-)

A wannabe.

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