God of War 3 excitement builds: Kratos is back to claim his Playstation crown

BANGBANGTECH writes, "With the release of God Of War III only a couple of months away are we going to see another PS3 exclusive game heralded as "only possible on PS3"?

Judging by the previous releases on the Playstation 2 and the prequels on PSP, it seems reasonable to expect the upcoming installment to push its console to the limits.

God of War II, although admittedly one of the later games in the PS2's lifecycle, looked like a PS3 game before we'd even seen a PS3 game. Indeed it still outshines the odd PS3 title 5 years after its original release."

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NateNater3268d ago

Excuse me? Underwhelming E3 premier and subsequent demo?
WTF is this guy talking about? The demo is not boring or unsatisfying.

I've played through it at least 10 times and it still blows my mind. Plus, the demo is just an E3 build! Imagine what the final version will look like!

TheHater3268d ago

Actually, the demo was a month or two old when it was shown at E3. I forgot from what interview I read/watch that from, but it was an older build. Base on what I read in the past about E3, games shown at E3 are usually a week or two old. I am not sure if it was just for that company, or if that is the general method for all other companies.

darthv723268d ago

why isnt the demo available to all psn users though? I almost bought the GoW collection last night just for the demo voucher. I beat both ps2 games recently in anticipation of the 3rd. This comes out the day after I have my taxes done.

UnwanteDreamz3268d ago

You might not be interested in a yearly sub to Qore but I just got that E3 demo for free this month. With my year sub I have gotten MAG beta, Mod Nation Beta, HV Bowling, and much more. I think it's worth it if you got the cash.

BattleAxe3268d ago

You can get the Demo through QORE, District 9 Blu-Ray movie and through the God of War Collection.

Milky Joe3268d ago

Official Sony Beta Tester > Qore Subscriber tbh :P

Anyway, yeah, I really loved the demo and it's obviously a big step up from the first 2 games in all the areas that it can be.

UnwanteDreamz3268d ago

"Official Sony Beta Tester > Qore Subscriber tbh :P"

No doubt but we can't all be that lucky.

sikbeta3268d ago

GOW3 will Deliver Epicness

Gamers FTW!!!

Traveler3268d ago

I can't wait. It is going to be epic.

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captain-obvious3268d ago

there is tow game that toped my list this year

1- GT5
2- GOW3
3- BF:BC2

there is cofourse more

GT5 was not #1 but after i saw that video with the new sound system, i cant wait to get my hands on that game

i cant wait to play my next gen GOW

ScarT3268d ago


1. God of War 3
2. Heavy Rain
3. Starcraft 2

Won't buy GT5 as i'mm not into racing. Just finished GoW collection and it REALLY impressed me. Best game i've played in 2010 so far.

thereapersson3268d ago

I see GT:5 on the top of your list, but no tow-truck simulator in the number one spot. Am I missing something? ;)

BattleAxe3268d ago

You're on a whole other level Captain Obvious.

captain-obvious3268d ago

sorry i make a lot of typos
its just i dont feel like my self today

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InLaLaLand3268d ago

In the end there will be.... the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising kratos laying the smackdown on all the Gods candy a$$es :D

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